Highlights from the O’Reilly Open Source Software Conference in Portland 2019

Experts explore the role open source software plays in fields as varied as machine learning, blockchain, disaster response, and more.

By Mac Slocum
August 2, 2019
O'Reilly Open Source Software Conference 2019 O'Reilly Open Source Software Conference 2019

People from across the open source world came together in Portland, Ore. for the O’Reilly Open Source Software Conference (OSCON). Below you’ll find links to highlights from the event.

The war for the soul of open source

Drawing on 13 years spent building the Chef community, Adam Jacob takes a deep dive into the soul of open source.

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Ask not what Brands™ can do for you

VM Brasseur discusses the help new companies need to become authentic members of the free and open source software community.

Better living through software

Tiffani Bell shares three lessons she’s learned exploring how technology can help the less fortunate.

O’Reilly Radar: Open source technology trends—What our users tell us

Using aggregate analysis of O’Reilly online learning content usage and search data, Roger Magoulas shares key insights that impact the technology tools ecosystem.

The next age of open innovation

Alison McCauley looks at how blockchain technology offers new tools that can help extend the ethos of open innovation into new areas.

Managing machines

Pete Skomoroch covers what you need to know as we shift from a world of deterministic programs to systems that give unpredictable results on ever-changing training data.

Open source force multipliers

Adrian Cockcroft says the most successful open-source-based businesses have turned their partners and developer communities into force multipliers for their own marketing and engineering teams.

Built to last: Building and growing open source communities

Kay Williams explores key lessons for building strong open source communities based on Microsoft’s real-world experience with Kubernetes and VSCode.

The role of open source in mitigating natural disasters

Pedro Cruz and Brad Topol discuss Call for Code, a global developer competition that uses open source technologies to address natural disasters.

Why Amazon cares about open source

Arun Gupta discusses the reasons why AWS is committed to open projects and communities.

O’Reilly Open Source and Frank Willison Awards

The O’Reilly Open Source Awards recognize individual contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of open source software.

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