Highlights from the Strata Data Conference in New York 2018

Watch highlights from expert talks covering data science, machine learning, algorithmic accountability, and more.

By Mac Slocum
September 12, 2018
New York City skyline - Strata Data Conference 2018 New York City skyline - Strata Data Conference 2018

People from across the data world came together in New York for the Strata Data Conference. Below you’ll find links to highlights from the event.

Preserving privacy and security in machine learning

Ben Lorica offers an overview of recent tools for building privacy-preserving and secure machine learning products and services.

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The future of data warehousing

Executives from Cloudera and PNC Bank look at the challenges posed by data-hungry organizations.

The answer to life, the universe, and everything: But can you get that into production?

Ted Dunning discusses how new tools can change the way production systems work.

AI, ML, and the IoT will destroy the data center and the cloud (just not in the way you think)

DD Dasgupta covers the edge-cloud continuum, explaining how the roles of data centers and cloud infrastructure are redefined through the mainstream adoption of AI, ML, and IoT technologies.

The missing piece

Cassie Kozyrkov explores why businesses fail at machine learning despite its tremendous potential and excitement.

Leveraging the best of the past to power a better future

Drew Paroski and Aatif Din share how to develop modern database applications without sacrificing cost savings, data familiarity, and flexibility.

The power of Ethereum

Joseph Lubin explains how Ethereum can help with new innovations like cryptocurrencies, automated and self-executing legal agreements, and self-sovereign identity.

Sound design and the future of experience

Amber Case covers methods product designers and managers can use to improve interactions through an understanding of sound design.

Wait … pizza is a vegetable? Decoding regulations using machine learning

Dinesh Nirmal explains how AI is helping supply school lunch and keep ahead of regulations.

Practical ML today and tomorrow

Hilary Mason explores the current state of AI and ML and what’s coming next in applied ML.

Derive value from analytics and AI at scale

Ziya Ma discusses how recent innovations from Intel in high-capacity persistent memory and open source software are accelerating production-scale deployments.

Quantifying forgiveness

Julia Angwin discusses what she’s learned about forgiveness from her series of articles on algorithmic accountability and the lessons we all need to learn for the coming AI future.

Smarter cities through Geotab with BigQuery ML and geospatial analytics

Chad Jennings explains how Geotab’s smart city application helps city planners understand traffic and predict locations of unsafe driving.

Brain-based human-machine interfaces: New developments, legal and ethical issues, and potential uses

Amanda Pustilnik highlights potential applications of data from new technologies that capture brain-based processes.

The data imperative

Ben Sharma shares how the best organizations immunize themselves against the plague of static data and rigid process

Black box: How AI will amplify the best and worst of humanity

Jacob Ward reveals the relationship between the unconscious habits of our minds and the way that AI is poised to amplify them, alter them, maybe even reprogram them.

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