Highlights from the Strata Data Conference in New York 2019

Experts explore new trends, tools, and techniques in data and machine learning.

By Mac Slocum
September 27, 2019
Highlights from the Strata Data Conference in New York 2019

People from across the data world came together in New York for the Strata Data Conference. Below you’ll find links to highlights from the event.

AI isn’t magic. It’s computer science.

Rob Thomas and Tim O’Reilly discuss the hard work and mass experimentation that will lead to AI breakthroughs.

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Staying safe in the AI era

Cassie Kozyrkov offers actionable advice for taking advantage of machine learning, navigating the AI era, and staying safe as you innovate.

Recent trends in data and machine learning technologies

Ben Lorica dives into emerging technologies for building data infrastructures and machine learning platforms.

Interactive sports analytics

Patrick Lucey explains methods to find play similarity using multi-agent trajectory data, as well as predicting fine-grain plays.

Data sonification: Making music from the yield curve

Alan Smith says combining visualization and sonification could take the presentation of data into the expanding universe of screenless devices and products.

How disruptive tech is reshaping the financial services industry

Swatee Singh looks at how the financial services industry is using AI, ML, mixed reality and other technologies.

Say what? The ethical challenges of designing for humanlike interaction

Jonathan Foster explains why language reveals ethical challenges we couldn’t encounter with GUI-powered experiences.

Everything is connected and the clock is ticking

Sara Menker and Nemo Semret outline the complex and interconnected factors that shape the agriculture industry.

Delivering the enterprise data cloud

Arun Murthy introduces the open source Cloudera Data Platform (CDP).

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