Highlights from Velocity in Santa Clara 2016

Watch highlights covering DevOps, performance, infrastructure, and more. From Velocity in Santa Clara 2016.

By Mac Slocum
June 23, 2016
Velocity keynote stage Velocity keynote stage (source: O'Reilly Conference via Flickr)

Experts from across the web operations and performance worlds came together in Santa Clara, Calif. for the O’Reilly Velocity Conference in Santa Clara 2016. Below you’ll find links to full keynote presentations from the event.

Making bad ads sad. Rad!

Bruce Lawson explores how the whole advertising ecosystem can (hopefully) improve.

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Building a system that never stops: New Relic at scale

Matthew Flaming on what it takes to (continuously) rebuild a system that can never stop.

Poised to deploy: The C-suite and adaptive capacity

Richard Cook explains the value of adaptive capacity and explores its far reaching consequences.

Jump-starting back-office connections

Harkeerat Bedi offers an overview of a tool that improves the efficiency of data-center-to-data-center communication.

My cloud makes pretty pictures

Matthew Brender and Raj Dutt offer a demo of Snap, an open telemetry framework designed to gather an increasingly diverse amount of measurements from the cloud.

So we hear you like papers

Ines Sombra and Caitie McCaffrey demonstrate how academic papers can radically change your perspective and introduce you to new ideas.

Tackling consumption chaos in microservice architectures

Mike Dvorkin discusses the principles and benefits of the controlled consumption model and its implications on DevOps processes and security.

DDOS emotions

Artur Bergman explores how people react in the line of fire and why a DDoS attack is different than other challenges a company may face.

You got your design team in my security team!

Eleanor Saitta on security design and three steps to a safer future.

“Microsoft is irrelevant to me. I use a Mac”: Is this you?

Volker Will on Microsoft’s evolution and the DevOps behind its transformation.

Turning high-velocity data into leverage for people

Ozan Turgut discusses how to use visualization and analytics to turn data into leverage for decision making.

A young lady’s illustrated primer to technical decision-making

Charity Majors explores how to evaluate major technology choices and explains when you should use boring technology.

Measuring what matters

Stephen Ludin offers an overview of the User Timing API and demonstrates how developers can use it to measure exactly the critical sections they want.

Performance is about more than time series charts

Buddy Brewer explores alternative ways of visualizing performance data and explains how changing your perspective can sometimes lead you to surprising discoveries.

Building an open platform for government innovation

Diego Lapiduz shows how the cloud.gov team is building tools that allow government agencies to achieve faster deployments and continuous compliance in a secure environment.

Why DevOps is more than just automation

David Hayes on the role of DevOps in building a culture that unifies a team to be empathy-driven and customer-focused.

The state of the W3C Web Performance Working Group

Todd Reifsteck and Philippe Le Hegaret on the W3C’s new performance-related APIs and how you can help shape the future of web performance and the Web in general.

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