Generative AI in the Real World: Andrew Ng on where AI is headed. It’s about agents.

By Ben Lorica
May 23, 2024

Generative AI in the Real World: Andrew Ng on where AI is headed. It’s about agents.
Generative AI in the Real World

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Andrew Ng is one of the pioneers of modern AI. He was Google Brain’s founding technical lead, Coursera’s founder, Baidu’s Chief Scientist,’s founder, a Professor at Stanford—and much more. Andrew talks with Ben Lorica about scaling AI, agents, and the future of open source AI, and openness among AI researchers. Have you experienced an “agentic moment” when you’re surprised and thrilled by AI’s ability to generate a plan and then to enact that plan? You will.

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About the Generative AI in the Real World podcast: In 2023, ChatGPT put AI on everyone’s agenda. In 2024, the challenge will be turning those agendas into reality. In Generative AI in the Real World, Ben Lorica interviews leaders who are building with AI. Learn from their experience to help put AI to work in your enterprise.


  • 0:00: Introduction.
  • 1:02: Advancing AI required scaling up. Finding better algorithms wasn’t the issue.
  • 1:53: Just as we needed GPUs and other new hardware for training, we may need new hardware for inference.
  • 3:23: The idea of agents has been around for a while. What’s new here?
  • 4:29: Agentic workflows let AI work iteratively, which yields a huge improvement in performance.
  • 6:37: Agents can be used for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), but it’s much bigger than that.
  • 7:41: We will experience “agentic moments” when we see AI that plans and executes a task without human intervention.

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