Why you should standardize your microservices

Susan Fowler discusses the state of microservices standardization.

By Mac Slocum
January 17, 2017
Uniform building design. Uniform building design. (source: PIRO4D via Pixabay)

O’Reilly’s Mac Slocum speaks with Susan Fowler, Site Reliability Engineer at Uber Technologies. They discuss:

The state of standardization in microservices: It’s coming, but it’s not widely used yet. (00:04)

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Standards empower developers to build the best services possible. (00:47)

Standardization of microservices was adopted within Uber and it might also work across the industry. (02:18)

What is the first step for standardizing microservices within your organization? Start with an overall goal. (03:29)

“When you have standardization, every developer knows they can trust other services,” Fowler says. (05:11)

All the work that’s gone into distributed systems should become part of the discussion around microservices. (06:22)

The people and projects she’s following. (09:33)

Learn how to develop standardized microservices in Susan Fowler’s book, Production-Ready Microservices.

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