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In many ways, you might find you're already implementing Agile-like concepts at your company. But to get consistent business-changing results, you must have a handle on what Agile is (and isn't) and how to implement the very specific processes that produce results.
Artificial intelligence is a broad term used to describe technologies and techniques that allow machines to train themselves on sets of data and learn how to recommend or take a subsequent action based on real data. This resource center will demystify how AI can impact business outcomes.
Python is easy to learn and its extensive libraries make it a great programming language for virtually any project. See how Python can be used in domains such as data science, the web, and artificial intelligence, you'll understand why Python is so popular.
Cloud computing offers many advantages, including reduced costs, highly scalable infrastructures, and increased capability for innovation. While there may be challenges in making such a shift, the right information, resources, lessons learned, and best practices can ensure a successful transition.
Data engineering is about data preparation, validation, and building pipelines. Data engineers need not be experts about every available tool and database; rather they must know how to choose the right technology for the specific task and anticipate the needs of data scientists and analysts.
DevOps is an essential part of application development, allowing more rapid product creation and improvement times and reduced deployment failures. This resource center will give you skills and knowledge to implement the culture, tools, and enterprise mindset necessary for improved CI/CD.
Java is used in almost every area of software development, from enterprise system development to smartphones and game consoles. Having a working understanding of Java gives you the flexibility of building apps for the mobile and game industry, creating and maintaining enterprise-level software.
Kubernetes is the widely acknowledged de facto container orchestration tool for the enterprise, and the pace of adoption of this leading solution will only increase. This resource center gives you all the tools to get started and progress to advanced skills.
Many organizations have shifted their architectures from code-heavy monolithic applications to smaller, self-contained microservices. This resource center gives you everything you need to know to handle this shift and successfully deploy microservices into your systems.
Many fall into management positions, some work their way up the ladder, while others are placed into management positions based on company need. Thriving in this new role means continuous learning to develop the new skills management requires.
Open Source is a catalyst for innovation. From the explosion of AI (with TensorFlow, MXNet, and PyTorch) to blockchain projects like Hyperledger, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, and infrastructure disruptors like Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Istio, open source fuels new and long-standing industries.
Cybersecurity involves a wide-range of techniques and skill sets in order to protect computer systems, networks, devices and data from unauthorized access, attacks and theft. This resource center provides the tools that you need to understand key concepts and to implement secure practices.
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