Fluent Conference - San Jose, CA 2018

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Led by the planet's best and brightest web developers, software engineers, designers, and web performance professionals, Fluent San Jose 2018 explored the crucial technologies and frameworks of the full web stack: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, React, Angular, containers, and other emerging tools that transform the way the web works. This video compilation makes it possible for you to see, hear, and study every keynote address, tutorial, and technical session delivered at Fluent. It contains hours of content, giving you the opportunity to broaden your skill set and delve deeper into the tools you use—or will use—every day. Highlights include:

  • Keynote addresses by notables such as Addy Osmani (Engineering Manager, Google Chrome) on why JavaScript is the most expensive resource your mobile site uses today; Brendan Eich (CEO, Brave Software) on why designing customer privacy into our work is a must; Lin Clark (Mozilla Engineer) on why and how browsers must get faster; and Tracy Lee (Founder, This Dot) on how to use open source organizations to boost diversity in tech.
  • Tutorials, including Dan Shappir's (Wix) deep dive into the web performance API and Luca Mezzalira's (DAZN) how-to on Reactive programming for frontend developers.
  • "Developer Experience -Tools, Platforms, and Techniques" sessions, including Rachel Myers's (Google) talk on the distributed systems engineering skills all web developers must acquire; Peggy Rayzis' (Meteor Development Group) explanation of GraphQL; Houssein Djirdeh's (Rangle.io) look at the PRPL pattern and how it optimizes webpages and apps; and Brian Holt (Microsoft) on how to optimize webpack and Babel configs to get the best performance possible.
  • "Web Pillars - Performance, Security, and Accessibility" sessions, including Akamai's Nic Jansma on planning for the worst when using third-party libraries and services on your website; Maximiliano Firtman's (IT Master Professional Training) reveal of how to hack web performance; and Katie Sylor-Miller on how Etsy uncovered and fixed performance issues in its mobile product page code.
  • "Beyond Code - The Business Side of the Web" sessions, including Kim Crayton's (#causeascene) explanation of how to reduce the exclusionary practices that inhibit diversity in your organization.
  • Total access to every keynote, tutorial, and session delivered at Fluent San Jose June 2018–this compilation includes hours of content you can view on your own schedule.

Table of contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. Fixing JavaScript Date: A journey from Minneapolis to Microsoft, TC39, and everywhere in between - Maggie Pint (Microsoft)
    2. What's cooking in the AWS kitchen? Recipes for a better web (sponsored by Amazon) Cherie Wong (Amazon)
    3. The parallel future of the browser - Lin Clark (Mozilla)
    4. It's spelled "accessibility," not "disability" - Scott Davis (ThoughtWorks)
    5. The freedom to configure is the freedom to make a better world. - Cory Doctorow (EFF)
    6. Question and answer session with Cory Doctorow - Cory Doctorow (EFF)
    7. You are (w)here? Geospatial web dev off the beaten map - Aurelia Moser (Mozilla Science)
    8. The Cost Of JavaScript - Addy Osmani (Google)
    9. Can open source change the ratio? - Tracy Lee (This Dot)
    10. The coming era of privacy by default: Brave and the Basic Attention Token - Brendan Eich (Brave Software)
    11. Question and answer session with Brendan Eich - Brendan Eich (Brave Software)
  2. Sponsored
    1. Measuring what matters (sponsored by Akamai) - Cliff Crocker (Akamai)
    2. Chatbots are not just for play (sponsored by SAP) - Meredith Hassett (SAP)
  3. Frameworks and Libraries
    1. What's new in Angular - Stephen Fluin (Google)
    2. My week in JavaScript hell - Keerthana Krishnan (Baker Hughes, a GE Company)
    3. Creating a reusable React component library - Cory House (Pluralsight | Cox Automotive)
    4. How to stay sane while managing complex state in Vue.js - Hassan Djirdeh (Shopify)
  4. Web services and APIs
    1. Blockchain as a backend: How to utilize current cryptocurrencies in your applications - Destry Saul (Unchained Capital)
    2. A frontend developer's guide to GraphQL - Peggy Rayzis (Meteor Development Group)
    3. Group games with GraphQL subscriptions - Alex Banks (Moon Highway)
    4. Building Alexa skills just to mess with your kids - Bobby Johnson (Extend by Auth0)
    5. The evolution of a Node.js service - Gergely Németh (GoDaddy)
    6. Does it NEED to be a PWA? - Tara Z. Manicsic (Progress)
  5. Browsers and Frontend Tools
    1. 10 KB or bust: The delicate power of webpack and Babel - Brian Holt (Microsoft)
    2. Visual Studio Code can do that? - Burke Holland (Microsoft)
  6. Performance and UX
    1. To push, or not to push? The future of HTTP/2 server push - Patrick Hamann (Fastly)
    2. Raiders of the fast start: Frontend performance archeology - Katie Sylor-Miller (Etsy)
    3. Field-tested interfaces for the next billion - Ally Long (Field Intelligence)
    4. Meaningful UX performance metrics and how to improve them - Mark Zeman (SpeedCurve)
    5. Hacking web performance - Maximiliano Firtman (ITMaster Professional Training)
    6. When third parties stop being polite. . .and start getting real - Nic Jansma (Akamai), Charles Vazac (Akamai)
    7. Tracking the performance of the web with HTTP Archive - Paul Calvano (Akamai Technologies)
  7. Future JS and Functional
    1. Just enough functional programming to be a danger to yourself and coworkers - Kyle Shevlin (Formidable Labs)
    2. The future of JavaScript modules - C J Silverio (npm)
    3. What is WebAssembly good for? - Sasha Aickin (Self-employed)
    4. TypeScript in practice - Bryan Hughes (Microsoft)
    5. Serverless server-side rendering: Improving user experience with React and serverless functions - Natalie Qabazard (Trulia)
    6. Reactive programming: Why you should care and how to write more-future-proof code - Tracy Lee (This Dot)
  8. Business of web
    1. Unintended consequences - Kim Crayton (#causeascene)
    2. Building software for blue-collar users - Wade Minter (Custom Communications)
    3. Developers need to pay attention to licenses - Brian Rinaldi (Progress)
  9. Mobile and Desktop
    1. Thinking PRPL - Houssein Djirdeh (Rangle.io)
    2. Cross-platform desktop apps with Electron - David Neal (ReverentGeek)
    3. Adaptive PWAs: Delivering customized and optimized cross-device web apps - Luis Vieira (Farfetch.com)
  10. Web Foundations: CSS, HTML, JS, Node
    1. How to Build a Real-time App Without Losing Your Soul - Matthew Larson (FamilySearch), Ian James (FamilySearch)
    2. .CSS { display: What? } - Martine Dowden (Andromeda)
    3. It's not dark magic: Pulling back the curtains from your stylesheets - Aimee Knight (Built Technologies)
    4. EME? CDM? DRM? CENC? IDK! - Sebastian Golasch (Deutsche Telekom)
  11. Architecture and microservices
    1. Full stack in a stackless world - Thomas Bouldin (Google), Sarah Allen (Google)
    2. Help! I accidentally distributed my system! - Rachel Myers (Google), Emily Nakashima (Honeycomb)
    3. Introduction to micro-frontends - Ivan Jovanovic (Welltok | nearForm)
  12. Security
    1. Embracing vulnerability by empowering everyone to own security - Annie Lau (Trulia)
    2. Patterns in Node.js vulnerabilities - Chetan Karande (DTCC)
    3. The art and craft of secrets: Using the cryptographic toolbox - Michael Swieton (Atomic Object)
    4. Rebuilding a browser extension for privacy - Princiya Sequeira (Zalando)
  13. Accessibility
    1. Inclusive design: Putting humans back in focus - Sarah Federman (Adobe)
    2. Accessibility is important; now what? - Juliana Gomez (Huge)
  14. People and teams
    1. Becoming a team lead: A survival guide - Joseph Wynn (SpeedCurve)
    2. Modern workflows: Aiming for faster and better without burning out - Val Head (Adobe), Elaine Chao (Adobe)
    3. Applying design thinking to hiring: Designing a better hiring process for optimizing delight and diversity - Crystal Yan (United States Digital Service)
    4. Leadership starts with listening: Amplify your impact - Heidi Helfand (Procore Technologies)
    5. Caring for your fellow developers - Trent Willis (Netflix)
  15. Tutorials
    1. Build global serverless websites (sponsored by Amazon) Shubham Katiyar (Amazon Web Services) Sunil Chhablani (Amazon Web Services)
    2. Testable React (Part 1) - Pete Hodgson (Independent)
    3. Testable React (Part 2) - Pete Hodgson (Independent)
    4. Testable React (Part 3) - Pete Hodgson (Independent)
    5. Vue.js 101 (Part 1) - Benjamin Hong (Politico)
    6. Vue.js 101 (Part 2) - Benjamin Hong (Politico)
    7. Vue.js 101 (Part 3) - Benjamin Hong (Politico)
    8. Vue.js 101 (Part 4) - Benjamin Hong (Politico)
    9. Creating products users love with collaboration (Part 1) - Rachel Krause (Nielsen Norman Group)
    10. Creating products users love with collaboration (Part 2) - Rachel Krause (Nielsen Norman Group)
    11. Web Performance API deep dive (Part 1) - Dan Shappir (Wix)
    12. Web Performance API deep dive (Part 2) - Dan Shappir (Wix)
    13. Web Performance API deep dive (Part 3) - Dan Shappir (Wix)
    14. Web Performance API deep dive (Part 4) - Dan Shappir (Wix)
    15. Making your mobile web app talk (Part 1) - Scott Davis (ThoughtWorks)
    16. Making your mobile web app talk (Part 2) - Scott Davis (ThoughtWorks)
    17. Making your mobile web app talk (Part 3) - Scott Davis (ThoughtWorks)
    18. Making your mobile web app talk (Part 4) - Scott Davis (ThoughtWorks)
    19. Building web apps with Elm (Part 1) - Jeremy Fairbank (Test Double)
    20. Building web apps with Elm (Part 2) - Jeremy Fairbank (Test Double)
    21. Building web apps with Elm (Part 3) - Jeremy Fairbank (Test Double)
    22. Building web apps with Elm (Part 4) - Jeremy Fairbank (Test Double)
    23. Practical hands-on accessibility testing (Part 1) - Nicolas Steenhout (Part of a Whole)
    24. Practical hands-on accessibility testing (Part 2) - Nicolas Steenhout (Part of a Whole)
    25. Practical hands-on accessibility testing (Part 3) - Nicolas Steenhout (Part of a Whole)
    26. Practical hands-on accessibility testing (Part 4) - Nicolas Steenhout (Part of a Whole)
    27. Learn React by building a game (Part 1) - Samer Buna (jsComplete)
    28. Learn React by building a game (Part 2) - Samer Buna (jsComplete)
    29. Learn React by building a game (Part 3) - Samer Buna (jsComplete)
    30. Learn React by building a game (Part 4) - Samer Buna (jsComplete)
    31. Reactive programming for frontend developers (Part 1) - Luca Mezzalira (DAZN)
    32. Reactive programming for frontend developers (Part 2) - Luca Mezzalira (DAZN)
    33. Reactive programming for frontend developers (Part 3) - Luca Mezzalira (DAZN)
    34. Reactive programming for frontend developers (Part 4) - Luca Mezzalira (DAZN)
  16. Multiple Topics
    1. Offline sync for progressive web apps - Bradley Holt (IBM Watson and Cloud Platform)
    2. Discover the WebXR Device API (sponsored by Intel) - Alexis Menard (Intel)
  17. Lightning Talks
    1. Lightning Talks - Surprise! The joy of generative art Kate Compton (Independent)
    2. Lightning Talks - Exploring GraphQL with your API Brian Douglas (GitHub)

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