Git and GitHub Crash Course

Video description

This course is designed to guide you through working with Git and GitHub. You will start by learning how to install Git and initialize a new Git repository on Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix systems and then understand how to use it on the command line.

Next, you will learn the four types of objects in Git: blobs, trees, commits, and annotated tags. Each object has a unique SHA1 hash. All objects are stored in the folders. Every object has just a single reference to it-SHA1 hash. Files are stored in blobs. Filenames are stored in other Git objects called trees.

The videos will guide you through making changes, staging them, and committing them afterward. Also, you will learn and practice how to observe commits tree and checkout different commits to “travel in time” between different states of the Git repository.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with the basics of Git and GitHub.

What You Will Learn

  • Create and initialize local and remote Git repositories
  • Synchronize local and remote repository at GitHub
  • Make changes in the working directory, add them to the staging area, and commit
  • Create, checkout, and merge branches
  • Analyze contents of the Git objects
  • Explore pushing and pulling operations
  • Make changes in the files directly at GitHub


This course is for complete beginners who are new to Git and GitHub, software developers who want to learn what is Git and how to use its basic features, and developers who want to learn how to connect GitHub and Git repositories.

About The Author

Bogdan Stashchuk: Bogdan Stashchuk is an experienced instructor (over 20+ years) with a software engineering background. He teaches complex stuff in an easy step-by-step manner. All his courses include practical exercises, which allow the learners to follow him from the start of any course till the end. Learners will perform all tasks the same way he does in his video lectures. There are a lot of challenging assignments, the solutions for which are discussed inside the course. This is the perfect combination that enables you to really learn and retain gained knowledge for a long period of time.

Product information

  • Title: Git and GitHub Crash Course
  • Author(s): Bogdan Stashchuk
  • Release date: June 2021
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781801813709