Python Foundation - Quick Jump Start for Programmers

Video description

Python is an excellent language to start programming with; it is powerful and easy to get started with. You can see results and run the code right away and most computers require truly little setup to start coding.

This course is divided into four parts. You will first learn the basics and fundamentals of Python programming then improve with the help of practice exercises, work with the coding challenge, and finally implement all your learning to solve a project challenge.

In the first part, with the help of video lectures and working examples, you will learn the language and its features that will help you build a solid foundation.

In the second part, we will start practicing what we learned by doing simple practice exercises. These exercises will be super simple, and they will help you perfect and play with what you learned in the given section.

The third part is to solve some complex coding challenges. These challenges will present you with a random problem combining everything that you learned in the previous sections.

The fourth and final step is to apply everything you have learned and solve a business problem with the help of a micro-project.

By the end of this course, you will be ready to work on real-world Python projects.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to work with Python types and data structures
  • Explore Python sequences and advanced data types
  • Understand Python control structures and loops
  • Learn Python functions and Lambda
  • Learn how to use exception handling, objects, and classes
  • Learn how to use packages and modules


This course is designed for beginners and experienced programmers new to Python programming who want to learn or improve their Python programming skills. Basic programming understanding is required.

About The Authors

Prashant Kumar Pandey: Prashant Kumar Pandey is passionate about helping people learn and grow in their careers by bridging the gap between their existing and required skills. In his journey to fulfill this mission, he is authoring books, publishing technical articles, and creating training videos to help IT professionals and students succeed in the industry. He is also the founder, lead author, and chief editor of the Learning Journal portal that has been providing various skill development courses, training sessions, and technical articles since 2018.

Satyam Kumar: Satyam Kumar is passionate about learning, exploring, and helping other people learn and grow in their careers. In his professional career, Satyam works as a software engineer in a multinational software company. He is also a contributing author and technology associate at the Learning Journal portal that offers various skill development courses.

Product information

  • Title: Python Foundation - Quick Jump Start for Programmers
  • Author(s): Prashant Kumar Pandey, Satyam Kumar
  • Release date: January 2022
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781803232379