JS.Next: A Manager's Guide

JS.Next: A Manager's Guide

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ECMAScript 6 includes an extensive list of new features, so many that it may feel overwhelming. In this concise book, author Aaron Frost offers you a look at the latest JS specification and explains why your organization cannot afford to ignore it.

Speaking primarily to development managers, Frost describes several ES6 features and suggests some best practices to make your organization’s transition to ES6 easier. Specifically, this book explains:

  • New features, such as arrow functions, default values, modules, rest parameters, sets, maps, and many others
  • The rapid evolution of ECMAScript in the past decade and how ES6 came to be
  • Several reasons why you need to consider integrating ES6 into your present and future projects sooner rather later
  • How potential features for ES7, such as multi-threading and Traits, have already begun to appear

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Aaron Frost

Aaron Frost

I’ve spent the last several years swimming (at times sinking) in the Open Web waters. Finding JS and CSS/HTML was the best thing that could have happened to me. By day I am a front end developer with Domo Inc, the greatest company on the silicon slopes. By night I am working with O’Reilly Media and Steve Olson, and we are writing the book ‘JS.Next: ES6’. We will have an early release before the end of the summer, 2013. The final release may be much later, as the final spec will take while to solidify. Additionally I work on several small projects for myself, and one with my identical twin brother. Peppered in between working hours, I enjoy being married to a wonderful wife, and being the dad of three amazing monsters. And when the world is white and frozen, you will find me atop the mountain ice fishing.