The Little Book of HTML/CSS Coding Guidelines

The Little Book of HTML/CSS Coding Guidelines

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A proper plan can improve your code, including your HTML documents and CSS style sheets. Jens Oliver Meiert explores the theory and practice of coding guidelines and shows, using Google’s HTML and CSS standards as a particular example, how consistency and care can make the code base you create today much easier to deal with when you—or someone else—work on it later.

Jens Oliver Meiert is a former senior developer and tech lead at Google, Aperto, and GMX, where he architected internal frameworks that married fast development with high quality code.

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Jens Oliver Meiert

Jens Oliver Meiert is a German author and developer. Jens has written short books about a variety of topics (last: The Little Book of Website Quality Control and How to Work on Oneself). He has been a technical lead and innovator at companies like Google and GMX, traveled the world (18 countries on 5 continents in 2012, 48 countries on 6 continents from 2013–2015), and run a number of art-political campaigns. Jens loves coffee, men’s fashion, and Werder Bremen. Online, he lives at