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Static Site Generators

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Static websites today are just like vinyl LPs: they’re coming back. Though they’ve been held up to ridicule for years now, static websites still fulfill a vital need for bloggers and those people who just want to disseminate information. With this O’Reilly report, you’ll investigate static site generators, new engines that simplify the once-tedious process of building and deploying these basic sites.

Brian Rinaldi, Content and Community Manager at Telerik, explains how static site generators work, the benefits you can expect, and what options are available. Basic characteristics of a static site include:

  • Static site files are delivered to the end user exactly as they are on the server
  • There is no server-side language
  • There is no database
  • Static sites are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Once you complete this brief report, you’ll come to understand what a static site is (and isn’t), as well as how to evaluate whether a static site generator is a workable solution for your project.

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Brian Rinaldi

Brian Rinaldi is the Developer Programs Manager at Telerik on the Developer Relations team where he works on a variety of community programs including the Telerik Developer Network, user groups and events. Brian has been a developer for nearly 20 years, working with front-end and back-end technologies mostly focused on the web. Brian serves as the co-editor of Mobile Web Weekly, authored a report on Static Site Generators for O'Reilly and is co-author of a book for O'Reilly, also on static site generators. You can follow Brian via @remotesynth on Twitter.