Effective Performance Engineering

Effective Performance Engineering

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In order to deliver meaningful results, you need to build Effective Performance Engineering into every aspect of the enterprise, from IT and business management to internal and external customers and all other stakeholders. In this report, you will learn why success depends on adopting a cross-discipline, intra-business mindset that enables you to build a performance-focused culture throughout your organization.

How do you thrill customers by consistently outperforming their expectations? Or optimize applications before the first piece of code is written? Authors Todd DeCapua and Shane Evans outline a path to Effective Performance Engineering that spans requirements, design, development, testing, deployment, monitoring, and support. You'll discover why delivering great performance depends on business, technology, and stakeholders working closely together.

This report will help you:

  • Understand what Effective Performance Engineering is across your enterprise
  • Define a performance culture throughout your organization
  • Explore ways to add Performance Engineering throughout your lifecycle
  • Increase revenue, competitive advantage, customer acquisition and retention, and brand value
  • Identify your stakeholders and focus on their best interests
  • Build a cross-functional team of technologists, business people, and customers
  • Determine which performance metrics you need to accelerate
  • Learn about analysts, preferred partners, and software tool vendors that can help you adopt Effective Performance Engineering
  • Get a clear path for moving from performance testing to Effective Performance Engineering

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Todd DeCapua

Todd DeCapua

Todd DeCapua is the Chief Technology Evangelist with HP Software Research Group and co-founder of TechBeacon.com thought leadership site for IT Heros.

DeCapua is a seasoned software professional with 20+ years of experience in IT applications development, IT operations, technology integrations, channels operations and business development in several domains including: Mobile, Agile, Cloud, and Performance.

Over the years Todd has transformed three organizations to Agile / DevOps, consulted with 100+ organizations worldwide, and brings a variety perspectives and shares practical experiences. He has earned an MBA with Concentration in Finance, Bachelor of Science, and been recognized with several industry certifications and awards, and is an industry renowned leader / speaker / author.

Shane Evans

Shane Evans

Shane Evans is an experienced IT Manager with over 12 years in the industry. His primary focus has been Performance Engineering and Performance Management, and he spent 7 years managing these for a major financial institution in Canada before joining Hewlett-Packard in 2009 as a Presales Solution Architect. After two years in the field helping ensure the success of customers across the country, he is now the Product Manager for HP LoadRunner. Shane is an active member of the Performance Engineering community, and regularly contributes to the discussions on the HP Forums as well as Google Groups, Yahoo, LinkedIn and his own personal blog.