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Other Digital Version
Chapter 2
Last example in the booleans section

The example in the Booleans section: // Check for NaN. var iMeantToDoThis = 0/0; assert(iMeantToDoThis.isNaN()); should not treat isNaN as a function: it's just a field, so it should be: var iMeantToDoThis = 0/0; assert(iMeantToDoThis.isNaN);

Note from the Author or Editor:
Yep, those parentheses shouldn't be there.

Danny Yoo  Oct 30, 2012  Mar 29, 2013
Other Digital Version
Chapter 2, the last example on Throw

The last example has: String get prettyVersion() => throw const NotImplementedException(); The space between "get" and "prettyVersion" doesn't look right. The corrected code should probably be: String getPrettyVersion() => throw const NotImplementedException();

Note from the Author or Editor:
The code used to be correct (it shows defining a getter) but now isn't. The getter definition syntax has changed, so now prettyVersion() should be just prettyVersion (no parens). However, we should really just change this code not to use a getter. It's a bit too distracting here. We could use distanceTo(), for example: num distanceTo(Point other) => throw const NotImplementedException();

Danny Yoo  Oct 30, 2012  Mar 29, 2013
Page 109

You should probably mention at the bottom that you have to close all other instances of dartium (in particular, instances *not* running in checked mode) before running the given commands, otherwise the request for checked mode will be ignored.

Anonymous  Jul 25, 2014