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Basic Message Passing

In the code snippet under Basic Message Passing LooperActivity contains a static inner class "private static class LooperThread extends Thread", method of this class is calling a function in the outer class named "doLongRunningOperation". static inner classes donot have implicit access to outer class methods. Thanks

Note from the Author or Editor:
The method doLongRunningOperation should be included in the LooperThread class. Change to be made: Move ------ private void doLongRunningOperation() { // Add long running operation here. } ------ so that it comes after ----- Looper.loop(); } -----

Anonymous  Jun 15, 2014 
Page 43
Example code

There is a missing exclamation mark before an expression, which makes the example invalid: Thread.currentThread().isInterrupted() should be prefixed with an exclamation mark, like this: !Thread.currentThread().isInterrupted()

Anders Goransson
Anders Goransson
O'Reilly Author 
Jun 15, 2014