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Page 135
United Kingdom

When converting between pem => p12 => jks keys, the book suggests using "secret" as an intermediate passkey. It states "The first password can be junk like secrete because you are removing the file immediately after creating the keystore." This is in fact incorrect. If you do this, activemq will fail to start using the keystore.jks and will not give an error message. This was previously stated on the puppetlabs documentation, but was recently edited: https://docs.puppetlabs.com/mcollective/deploy/middleware/activemq_keystores.html#step-2-keystore

Note from the Author or Editor:
My testing confirms this, and it has been changed. This must have been a change in ActiveMQ 5.9 as I did test every step written in the book thoroughly with ActiveMQ 5.8. I may not have retested with 5.9.

Ben Field  Dec 11, 2014