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Page xvi
Acknowledgments, 6th line from bottom

Rin Zimmerman NOW READS: Robin Zimmerman

Anonymous    Oct 01, 2004
Page 126
First and second paragraphs of"TopLink section

These two paragraphs have been re-phrased and NOW READ: OracleAS TopLink is an advanced persistence layer that helps Java developers leverage databases. The product supports and leverages standards like JDBC and EJB to give architects a great deal of flexibility with their design. One of OracleAS TopLink's competitive advantages is its graphical mapping tool, called the Mapping Workbench. By providing this tool, OracleAS TopLink makes mapping relational database architecture to Java's object-oriented architecture easy. With OracleAS TopLink, it's possible to persist any Java object in any relational database that is also supported by a JDBC 2.0 driver. OracleAS TopLink's Mapping Workbench presents relational databases with an object-oriented view. This means that Java programmers with no SQL experience can map Java classes into a relational database structure.

Anonymous    Oct 01, 2004
Page 235
Under "Chapter 1, Introducing Oracle Application Server" NOW READS:

Anonymous    Oct 01, 2004