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Page mulitiple

age 399: Unlike earlier versions of Windows, Windows Vista allows you to share individual files as well as folders. Wrong! You cannot share a single file in Vista. Only the folders and disk partitions can be shared. The "share" menu on the files is displayed only for the files in a someone's profile and it means that this file can be used by the people who locally logged on to that machine. No UNC address can be defined for such files. Real sharing means you share the filed fort he users coming over the network. Page 477: A switch stores a routing table. Wrong! A switch only stores the MAC addresses table. It can't be named as routing table because there are no routes (network addresses) for the switches. They only no the MAC addresses. Only layer three switches (and they are not common) have also routing tables. Page 509: Type the name of the domain to which you want to connect and pres the enter key. Wrong! You should type the host name(or FQDN) of a computer, not the domain name. Page 516: This virus (boot virus) would not allow the computer to boot. Wrong! Boot viruses allow the computer to boot. They have to allow it because otherwise it cannot spread itself. Page 516: Once the infected floppy was inserted into the receiving computer, the virus code executed, infecting the new computer. Wrong! In order to execute, it is not enough just to insert the floppy disk: The computer must be tried to be booted from the that floppy. Otherwise nothing happens. Page 546: Table 15.5 incorrectly shows the differences. It does not show any differences at all. Page 665: Dynamic disks have several advantages over basic disks, including improved error detection and error handling. Wrong! Dynamic disks do not have such error correcting abilities. Page 672: By default, the first three volumes on a basic drive are cretaed automatically as primary partitions. If you try to create a fourth volume on a basic drive, the remaining free space on the drive is converted automatically to an extended partition. Wrong! There is no automatic creation. You can create up to four primary partitions on a disk. Page 739: You control how System Restore Works using the System Restore tab of the System Properties dialog box. Wrong! The tab is "System Protection" not System Restore. Page 741: The legend of the Figure 21.5 should be "Configuring the System Protection" Page 757: Only the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG hive is loaded (in the Last Known Good Configuration) Wrong! Using Last Known Good Configuration restores information for the registry subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet Page 781: BIOS-based computers use NTLDR and Boot.ini to boot into the operating systems..EFI based systems use Ia64ldr.efi. Wrong! Vista (and 2008) uses bootmgr and Winload to boot and load Windows. Page 792: Third bcedit command from the top should have "/addfirst" parameter instead of "/addlast" parameter. Page 793: Bootsect is provided as part of the Windows Automated Installation Kit. Wrong! It is included on every Vista DVD-ROM

Anonymous  Dec 15, 2008 
Page ix
Preface, 2nd paragraph, end of 2nd sentence

"don't" should be "didn't": "before that there was an alpha product that most people outside of Microsoft don't even know existed" should be "before that there was an alpha product that most people outside of Microsoft didn't even know existed"

Note from the Author or Editor:
Should be: before that there was an alpha product that most people outside of Microsoft didn't even know existed

Page 143-148

In the "Getting to Know Your Computer's Hardware Devices" section of Chapter 5, the Device Manager node you need to select is the same as or similar to the name of the preceding heading. As an example, select Disk Drives to work with disk drives. Select Display Adapters to work with display adapters. Select DVD/CD-ROM Drives to work with DVD/CD-ROM drives.

Page 745-747
Begins with last paragraph on page 745

pp 745 First sentence in last paragraph says Complete Computer Backup creates an "image of the entire computer and everything needed to restore it completely." The last sentence on pp 745 (that ends on pp 756) says this includes "programs, system settings, and files." Presumably this last means system files. pp 746 In the last paragraph (with the numbered steps), step 2 says to click "Back up computer." But step 1 opened the "Backup and Restore Center." There is no "Back up computer" option on that dialog. The options under "Tasks" are "Repair Windows using System Restore," "Create a restore point or change settings" and "Windows Easy Transfer." On the right under "Protect your files by backing them up" the options are "Back up files," "Restore files" and "Use system restore...etc." Choosing "Back up files" leads eventually to a dialog screen that enables selection of the file types you want to back up. At the bottom of that dialog you are specifically informed that System, executable, and temporary files will NOT be backed up. To date I can find no way to do an image-based back up as described on page 745.

Page 792
5th code block

In the following text (fifth code block and preceding paragraph): You can set a particular operating system as the first entry by using /addfirst with /displayorder, such as: bcdedit /displayorder {263bf496-4ab4-11db-b478-c0671802252f} /addlast Should "/addlast" be "/addfirst"?

Note from the Author or Editor:
Should be: bcdedit /displayorder {263bf496-4ab4-11db-b478-c0671802252f} /addfirst

Sanders Kleinfeld  Dec 22, 2008