Programming Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 Developer Reference

Errata for Programming Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 Developer Reference

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Page 585

The first two paragraphs should be removed On page 585, the first two paragraphs are not accurate regarding Windows CE 6.0, and should be removed. The paragraphs currently read: "Another way the driver load process can be modified depends on the now-deprecated registry value named Entry. If this value is found, the DLL is loaded, and then, instead of calling ActivateDeviceEx, the system calls the entry point in the driver named in Entry. The driver itself is then responsible for calling the ActivateDeviceEx function if it’s to be registered as a driver with the system. If the Entry value is present, another value, Keep, can also be specified. Specifying the Keep value tells the system not to unload the driver after it calls the driver’s entry point. This arrangement allows the driver DLL to avoid calling ActiveDeviceEx and thereby avoid being a driver at all. Instead, the DLL is simply loaded into the process space of Device.exe." Microsoft Press is committed to providing informative and accurate books. All comments and corrections listed above are ready for inclusion in future printings of this book. If you have a later printing of this book, it may already contain most or all of the above corrections.

Microsoft Press  May 06, 2010