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Page 53
The first two sentences of the last paragraph on page 53 should read as

follows: "When inter-operational parallelism is occurring, Oracle uses two sets of parallel slave processes to execute a SQL statement, regardless of the number of parallel operations in the statement."

Page 88
In Oracle8i, the keyword UNRECOVERABLE is considered a deprecated feature.

The NOLOGGING keyword has the same effect, and should be used instead. UNRECOVERABLE is still supported, but only for backwards compatibility. The exception to this is SQL*Loader, which still supports UNRECOVERABLE. With this in mind, change the fourth paragraph to read as follows: "You can specify the UNRECOVERABLE option for SQL*Loader sessions involved in a parallel load to avoid the generation of redo for that load. This saves a lot of time and redo log space. You can also use the NOLOGGING option while creating tables in parallel using CREATE TABLE...AS SELECT statements, or while using INSERT INTO...SELECT statements to do bulk inserts into a table." Change the note to read as follows: "Use of NOLOGGING means that affected tables and indexes can't be recovered in the event of a media failure. Always back up affected objects immediately after completing an operation where NOLOGGING has been used." Add a new note following the first as follows: "In releases of Oracle prior to Oracle8i, the keyword UNRECOVERABLE is used in DML statements, and has the exact same effect as NOLOGGING does now.