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PDF Page 14
5th paragraph

In the book, you said that: LEVEL Returns 0 for the root node of a hierarchy, 1 for nodes just below the root, 2 for the next level of nodes, and so forth. LEVEL is commonly used in SQL*Plus to indent hierarch- ical results via an incantation such as the following: But from oracle documentation we know that the level pseudocolumn returns 1 for a root row, 2 for the child of root. http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14200/pseudocolumns001.htm#i1009261

Yang Shuai  Jul 31, 2011 
Printed Page 58
2nd example

Not really an error; just that MySQL (5.5) will return ugly "NULL" values in those rows created to contain a generated "ROLLUP" value. So, taking a previous section into account - and no doubt distracting a little from the point of the example - you may consider the following instead: select coalesce(t.name, '* total *') as "Tour name", coalesce(c.name, '* subtotal *') as 'County name', count(*) as 'Number of falls' from upfall u inner join trip t on u.id = t.stop inner join county c on u.county_id = c.id group by t.name, c.name with rollup;

Iain Houston  Sep 13, 2012 
Printed Page 183
COMMENT clause line

It appears the page number referenced for this item is in error and it is combined with another line that should be separate below it but is repeated as well....

Ken Baker  Nov 13, 2012