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United States

Figure 1-3: In the picture and the text statement, you show "D" for Design and in Word 2013, Design is "G" as the keyboard shortcut. In other words, when we press the Alt key, little letter and number icons sprout onscreen, indicating keyboard shortcuts. In Figure 1-3, it shows "D" in a square under the Design tab. However, in Word 2013 on the computer, "G" is the correct letter in the square under the Design tab and when you press "G" it opens the Design tab, not "D". In fact, "D" doesn't exist at all. Correction needs to be to the photo of the ribbon after having pressed the Alt key, as well as to the text description.

Cindy Bahn  Jan 06, 2014 
Printed Page 863
3rd line from the bottom

"page 878" should be page 859

Laurence Mini  Feb 03, 2015