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Brady Forrest

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Seattle, Washington

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Brady Forrest is Chair of O'Reilly's Where 2.0 and Emerging Technology conferences. Additionally, he co-Chairs Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Berlin and NYC. Brady writes for O'Reilly Radar tracking changes in technology. He previously worked at Microsoft on Live Search (he came to Microsoft when it acquired MongoMusic). Brady lives in Seattle, where he builds cars for Burning Man and runs Ignite. You can track his web travels at Truffle Honey.

Where 2.0: The State of the Geospatial Web Where 2.0: The State of the Geospatial Web
by Brady Forrest, Ben Lorica, Roger Magoulas, Andrew Turner
June 2009
Ebook: $399.00

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Makers and hackers: The Where Conference is looking for you

February 03 2012

The 2012 Where Conference is looking for makers, hackers, developers and do-it-yourselfers who are working in the geolocation and mapping spaces. read more

Ignite at Google I/O

May 10 2011

Ignite takes place at Google I/O on Tue. May 10 at 5 PM PDT in Room 11 at Moscone West. If you can't be there, you can watch live on the I/O Live site. read more

Announcing Android Open

May 10 2011

This October, O'Reilly is launching Android Open, the first "big tent" Android-only conference. Our goal is to give all the Android players a place to become a community. read more

Geolocated images reveal a place's visual identity

March 15 2011 uses Instagram's new API to create maps out of geolocated images. The resulting visualizations reveal a location's different sides. read more

A perfect dystopian storm: Interview with "Flashmob Gone Wrong" speaker

November 12 2010

At Ignite London 2, Tom Scott told the story of a "Flash Mob Gone Wrong." It's struck a nerve and is gathering a lot of momentum on Reddit, MetaFilter and Twitter. Scott explains why and how he created the presentation in the following short interview. read more

Join us for Global Ignite Week: February 2011

November 02 2010

Global Ignite Week returns Feb. 7-11, 2011. Last year, more than 600 Ignite talks were given in 67 cities on six continents. The bar is set even higher for round two. read more

Welcome Laurel Ruma to Where 2.0

October 21 2010

Laurel Ruma and Brady Forest will co-chair Where 2.0 2011, running April 19-21, 2011 in Santa Clara, Calif. read more

Where 2.0 2011 call for proposals is open

October 14 2010

Google and other companies are jockeying for position in the location space, which makes the next Where 2.0 particularly intriguing. Here's a look at the planned topics, sessions and workshops -- and a reminder to get your proposals in before the Oct. 25 deadline. read more

The Startups at the Expo Showcase

September 14 2010

We have selected 30 young, mostly unknown and some unlaunched companies to participate in the Startup Showcase at the Web 2.0 Expo NYC. We have a really wide range of companies including The Social Bicycle System (the bike lenders), Facebook-killer Diaspora, Twitter account manager SocialFlow and email manager SaneBox. As… read more

Opensource and Javascript: Polymaps Used To Make PrettyMaps

August 20 2010

SimpleGeo, geo cloud services and data provider, and Stamen, creators of many beautiful data visualizations, have teamed up to release Polymaps. Polymaps is an opensource Javascript mapping framework. It's been on Github for a while, but they are finally announcing it. Out of the gate, Stamen has also launched a… read more

Facebook Places Plays Nice with Yelp, Foursquare, Gowalla and Booyah

August 19 2010

Facebook just launched Places for the United States. In short it is a location check-in platform. They launched with four partners (Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp and Booyah) all of whom are federating check-ins in some way. The Places API is currently Read-only, while the Write & Search API are in Closed… read more

Stepping It Up With Transit Score

August 16 2010

Where you live has a huge impact on how much you drive. If your neighborhood has easy access to public transportation or there are a lot of amenities nearby then you can walk more and drive less (thus saving money while getting a little exercise). Front Seat's Walk Score has… read more

Waze: Using Groups and Gaming to Get GeoData

August 10 2010

Waze, the company behind the free turn-by-turn navigation app of the same name, is upping its game with their latest release. It has long made referred to itself as a community mapping app, but there was no really way to be apart of a community within the app - until… read more

Startup Showcase Submissions at the Web 2.0 Expo NYC Due 8/2

July 28 2010

We are looking for startups to show-off at the Web 2.0 Expo in NYC. We always find a place to showcase them and this year is no different. This year we’re hosting our first ever Startup Showcase. Highlighting the startup ecosystem’s creativity and variety, the Showcase will give you a… read more

Ignite NYC IX This Wednesday, 6/9

June 07 2010

Ignite NYC is returning for its 9th edition during the third Internet Week; I'll be co-hosting with Igntie NYC Director Tikva Morowati. We've got a great set of speakers and we'll be holding the event this Wednesday at Internet Week's Headquarters (Metropolitan Pavilion; 125 W. 18th Street - register). As… read more

Announcing The Emerging Languages Camp at OSCON

May 12 2010

As new problems in computing arise, new languages are being created to help tackle those problems. We want to bring together programming language creators, researchers, and enthusiasts to share goals, experiences, and challenges. Our goal is to advance the state of the art in programming language design and implementation. We… read more

Haiti Tech Meetup on Monday in DC

May 07 2010

The earthquake in Haiti became a testing ground for disaster relief platforms. Ushahidi geolocated tens of thousands of mobile messages and provided critical information. Open Street Map and Google Mapmaker provided much needed maps. Digital Globe (amongst others) provided free satellite imagery. This Monday the U.S. State Department is pulling… read more

Ignite Bay Area @ Web 2.0 Expo Tonight

May 03 2010

Ignite Bay Area is happening tonight to help kick-off Web 2.0 Expo. We will be returning to the Mezzanine (444 Jessie Street, SF). As always these will five-minute, 20 slide presentations on geeky topics. We will hear from the likes of Jen Bekman, Derek Dukes, Jesper Andersen, and Tobias Peggs… read more

Where 2.0: The Big Conversations

March 30 2010

Where 2.0 is starting today. We have a full program with keynotes from Blaise Aguera y Arcas (Bing), John Hanke & Michael Jones (Google), Jeremy Stoppelman (Yelp), Danny Sullivan (Search Engine Land), Michael Arrington (Techcrunch), Dennis Crowley (Foursquare), Keith Lee (MyTown) and Josh Williams (Gowalla). Here are some of the… read more

Where 2.0: Ignite & NAVTEQ's LBS Challenge Tuesday Night

March 29 2010

The Where 2.0 Conference starts tomorrow with workshops all day. In the evening we will have our kick-off event in the Ballroom at the San Jose Marriott. As always we start off with a series of Ignite talks. This year in the middle of Ignite we are going to host… read more

Base Map 2.0: What Does the Head of the US Census Say to Open Street Map?

March 26 2010

Ian White, the CEO of Urban Mapping, makes his living collecting and selling geo data. For next week's Where 2.0 has put together a panel of government mapping agencies (the UK's Ordnance Survey and the US's Census Department) and community-built mapping projects (Open Street Map and Waze). Crowdsourced projects like… read more

Web 2.0 Expo NYC CFP is Open Plus Webcast For Submission Tips This Week

March 23 2010

The Web 2.0 Expo is returning to NYC this fall for a third year. The Call For Proposals (CFP) opens today and will remain so until 4/12/10. We are accepting talk proposals aimed at developers, designers, marketers and business folks. We are looking for Sarah Milstein and I will be… read more

Launchpad SF Submissions Are Open Until 3/31

March 17 2010

Startups! The Web 2.0 Expo is in two months. We want to highlight your work. Each year we put five of you onstage in a Launchpad session. The deadline for submitting your company is 3/31. The criteria is below. Entrants do not need to launch their company or a major… read more

SkyHook and SimpleGeo Present SpotRank, Now You Can Always Find Where The People Are

March 17 2010

In an under-appreciated announcement Skyhook Wireless released a huge set of location trend data. SpotRank, as the data is called, shares out ranking trends for locations around the world. The maps above show the SpotRanks of those locations. Skyhook has been collecting look-ups for the past five years. CEO Ted… read more

GIW Day Five: We End with Lansing and Boulder

March 05 2010

Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry by Amber Case | Ignite Portland 8View more presentations from Amber Case at Ignite Portland 8. Today is the last day of Global Ignite Week. We are still pulling together the number of speakers and attendees, but with over 60 Ignites in one week we know… read more

GIW Day Four: Bangalore, Boston, Jakarta, NYC, and Seattle

March 04 2010

The fourth day of Global Ignite Week is the strongest. There are 31 Ignites happening today around the world. I'll be hosting Ignite Seattle tonight. We have already posed the first videos from Global Ignite Week. First up is an Ignite talk on the creation of OK Go's latest video… read more

GIW Day Three: Bangkok, Beijing, Brussels, Budapest, Dallas, Toronto, Cincinnatti, Raleigh and PDX

March 03 2010

There are 13 Ignites happening on 3/3 (the daily total will peak on Thursday with >30 Ignites). The very first one starts soon in Bangkok at 6AM EST (for those of us in the US). Yesterday, I attended Ignite SMX in Santa Clara . Matt Cutts talked about Google's newly… read more

GIW Day Two: SF, Denver, New Mexico, Philly, Sydey, Melbourne, Montreal, Manila, Princeton and More

March 02 2010

Global Ignite Week (GIW) is in full swing. Yesterday there were 7 events and today there are 13. Thursday of this week has over 30 events scheduled. As you can see from this Crowdeye graphic there are a lot of people talking about GIW. The very first Ignite of the… read more

Where 2.0: Early Registration Ending & Ignite Where

March 01 2010

Where 2.0, our mapping and geolocation conference, is at the end of March in San Jose and early registration is ending tonight. We are also opening the selection process for Ignite Where. Where has a full program. We've got a number of great thinkers returning. We are also welcoming first-timers… read more

GIW Day One: Germany, Los Angeles, Savannah, Milwaukee and Manchester

March 01 2010

Global Ignite Week (GIW) is kicking off today in Germany! From March 1-5 there will be >65 Ignite events happening around the world. Ignite is an opportunity for geeks to share their passions and ideas with local peers. Each speaker gets 20 slides that each auto-advance after 15 seconds for… read more

Lessons From Haiti Will Aid Chile

February 27 2010

Earlier today Chile experienced a massive earthquake (you can see images of the damage on The BIg Picture). Now, just hours after the event online disaster relief sites are being spun up to aid the survivors. These are all variations on sites that were created to help Haiti survivors. Google… read more

Global Ignite Week: Starts Monday with 65 Cities, 6 Continents, 500 Speakers over 5 Days

February 24 2010

From March 1-5 there will be ~65 Ignite events happening around the world. Ignite is an opportunity for geeks to share their passions and ideas with local peers. Each speaker gets 20 slides that each auto-advance after 15 seconds for a total of just 5 minutes. The result is bite-size… read more

Blaise Aguera y Arcas' TED Talk on Augmented Maps

February 18 2010

Blaise Aguera y Arcas (creator of PhotoSynth, founder of Seadragon and now Architect of Bing Maps) gave a talk at TED last week. In it he showed off some of the latest Bing Maps has to offer. He demoed the fluid zooming capabilities based on Blaise's own Seadragon technology and… read more

Where 2.0 Mapping : Mobile : Local

February 16 2010

The Where 2.0 conference program is almost complete. The focus is on the tech industry's advances in Mapping, Mobile and Local. Each of these areas are being treated equally and each will have its own afternoon track. Coming back this year we have great speakers such as John Hanke (Google),… read more

For Valentine's Day think Intangible

February 14 2010

Broken Hearts: How Valentine's Day causes global warming View more presentations from Raffi Krikorian. On Valentine's day millions are spent on cards and candies. Last year Twitter engineer Raffi Krikorian gave an Ignite talk on where all of these goods (cards, chocolate, jewelry) come from and this day's impact on… read more

Flickr Photos In Google Street View

February 09 2010

Google Maps has added more user photos to its Street View (above). Now the Yahoo-owned Flickr is joining the Google-owned Panoramio and Picasa photo sites as a supplier of alternative street views. GeoBloggers reported it earlier today and also noted that the photos are available in the Panoramio 3D view… read more

iPhoning His Way To Retirement

January 22 2010

My friend Eugene Lin wanted some iPhone App Store money. So he made one iPhone app that was eventually accepted, then another that was rejected and then he found a hit with the racy Peek-a-boo. Along the way he learned the ins and outs of the App Store approva process… read more

Haiti: Tradui, Translation App for Android and (almost) iPhone

January 20 2010

Crisis Commons and Crisis Mappers have become major technology and data contributors to the Haiti Relief Effort. Many technologists and geohackers are donating hundreds of hours to common projects. This past weekend saw the release of a mapping app for the iPhone (with expedited App Store approval). Now there is… read more

Our Future World: Freedom (and Daemon)

January 19 2010

I just read FreedomTM the second and latest book in the Daniel Suarez's Daemon series. It was a fun, thought-provoking read and I recommend it to any technologist or sci-fi junkie (it would also make a nice Christmas gift for your favorite conspiracy theorist). This review will focus primarily on… read more

Haiti: OSM and Sat Imagery for Free iPhone App

January 16 2010

Crisis Mappers from around the world have been working around the clock to create maps and other tools for relief workers in Haiti. The earthquake caused tremendous damage to the road network and updated maps are necessary to enable food and volunteers to traverse the island. The volunteer-driven Open Street… read more

Twitter Acquires GeoAPI: Now a Messaging AND Location Platform

December 23 2009

Twitter has announced the acquisition of Mixer Labs the creators of GeoAPI. GeoAPI is a location services platform. They have been collecting data (like Flickr, Foursquare, YouTube, Weatherbug and of course Twitter) and made it query-able via their API. For any location you could reverse geocode it and for any… read more

Playing With Foursquare Data

December 21 2009

Foursquare is the new Dodgeball. Which is to say that it is my (and many other people's) method for tracking where we go (and in most cases our social activities). On a daily basis I use the iPhone app to announce some of my whereabouts to friends. I share specifics… read more

Global Ignite Week: 40+ Ignites Coming Next March

December 16 2009

Just over three years ago, Bre Pettis and I threw a geek night in our home town. We called it Ignite Seattle. About 200 people joined us for a hectic night of geek contests, five-minute talks, and beer. I've been hosting them ever since--we just held our 8th Ignite Seattle… read more

Visualizing and Categorizing the 911 Wikileaks Data Set

December 10 2009

On November 25th, Wikileaks released 500,000 text pager intercepts from the 24 hours surrounding the horrific 9/11 attacks. The personal, corporate and governmental come from the Washington D.C. and New York City areas. These can be found on their own subdomain at and are released under the CC-BY-SA license.… read more

GWT Now With SpeedTracer

December 09 2009

Google is releasing v2 of GWT (pronounced "Gwit") tonight at a Campfire One in Mountain View. The open-source Google Web Toolkit enables developers to code Ajax web apps in Java. This latest release is focused on speed (just like the latest iPhone) and improved dev-designer collaboration. I was on a… read more

Ignite Seattle on 12/1 (tomorrow): iPhone Apps, Ben Franklin and Rubik's Cube

November 30 2009

The 8th Ignite Seattle is this Tuesday, 12/1. We've got an amazing set of speakers and fun opening activity. We are once again at the King Cat Theatre in Downtown Seattle. Doors open at 7PM. The contest will start at 7:30 and the talks will begin at 8:30. You can… read more

Tonight: Radar/Ignite/Laughing Squid Meetup in Philadelphia

November 23 2009

Scott Beale of Laughing Squid and I are going to be in the Philadelphia area today. We want to meet up with people while in town, so we're having a Drinkup at Triumph Brewing Company in the Old City area of Center City starting at 7PM. Facebook has the details.… read more

Ignite NYC on 11/16: Gov 2.0, Body Hacks, and Hi-Tech Craft

November 15 2009

The Web 2.0 Expo starts tomorrow, 11/16, in NYC. We're kicking off the conference with an Ignite featuring 14 great speakers. The event is at the New World Stages. I'll be co-hosting with Ignite NYC organizer Tikva Morowati. As always each speaker gets just five minutes on stage. Their presentation… read more

Ignite Show: Andrew Hyde on The Posting Economy

October 30 2009

Andrew Hyde runs Ignite Boulder and works for Techstars. In this week's episode he shares his thoughts at Ignite ATL about the rapid economic shifts that can be caused by user-generated content. Andrew calls this the Posting Economy. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United… read more

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April 22, 2010

Insider Tips for Submitting a Winning Proposal to Web2Expo
March 29, 2010

Webcast: Where 2.0
March 10, 2010
The idea of constantly-updated community maps are now the norm and the modifications are constant. The base data of the map you are looking at could have been updated in the past couple of days in time those updates will be instantaneous. The data layered...