Julie Steele

Julie Steele

A dreamer. A poet. A goofball. A nerd.

Providence, Rhode Island

Areas of Expertise:

  • Data Visualization
  • speaking
  • writing
Julie Steele is Director of Communications at Silicon Valley Data Science. She finds beauty in exploring complex systems, and thinks in metaphors. The best part of her day is finding patterns and connecting people who are working on similar problems in seemingly unrelated areas. She is particularly drawn to the visual medium as a way to understand and transmit information. Julie holds a Master’s degree in Political Science (International Relations) from Rutgers University in Newark. She lives in Providence with her partner and two cats, where she cooks, reads, designs, and practices yoga.

How Data Science Is Transforming Health Care How Data Science Is Transforming Health Care
by Tim O'Reilly, Mike Loukides, Julie Steele, Colin Hill
August 2012
Ebook: $0.00

Designing Data Visualizations Designing Data Visualizations
by Julie Steele, Noah Iliinsky
September 2011
Print: $19.99
Ebook: $16.99

Beautiful Visualization Beautiful Visualization
by Julie Steele, Noah Iliinsky
June 2010
Print: $59.99
Ebook: $47.99

Data Marketplaces Data Marketplaces
by Moe Khosravy, Peter Marney, Julie Steele, Ian White, Dennis Yang
March 2011

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Eyebeam Update: Two months after Sandy

January 18 2013

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the new media and design incubator in NYC, Eyebeam, and the damage they’d suffered in Hurricane Sandy. This week I caught up with Eyebeam executive director Pat Jones to find out what … read more

After the storm: Putting Eyebeam back together

November 28 2012

Thanksgiving has come and gone and many of us are busy preparing for the winter holidays. For most of us, Hurricane Sandy is about to become a footnote to a crazy series of news cycles around the 2012 presidential election. … read more

Printing ourselves

November 27 2012

Tim O’Reilly recently asked me and some other colleagues which technology seems most like magic to us. There was a thoughtful pause as we each considered the amazing innovations we read about and interact with every day. I didn’t have … read more

The miracle of a thumbnail image from Mars

August 06 2012

Last night, I stayed up late to watch the NASA livestream of the Curiosity rover landing. It seems to have been an unmitigated success: each step of the entry and landing process, even that crazy sky-crane maneuver, was performed flawlessly. … read more

Why data visualization matters

February 15 2012

Effective data visualizations go beyond aesthetics; they also allow organizations to make quick and correct decisions from massive amounts of information. read more

Data and the human-machine connection

August 02 2011

Managing data and extracting meaning require new approaches, new education, and even a new language. Opera Solutions CEO Arnab Gupta discusses each of these areas in the following interview. read more

Dusting for device fingerprints

March 01 2011

BlueCava lets businesses identify devices that are coming to their websites. In this interview, BlueCava CEO David Norris discusses fraud prevention, privacy, and the state of reputation technology. read more

Data markets aren't coming. They're already here

January 26 2011

Gnip cofounder and CEO Jud Valeski discusses data markets (and black markets), social media, and real-time data's impact on customer relations. read more

Strata Week: Data centers

January 13 2011

This week, we look at the problem of too much government data, and companies beginning to build air-economized data centers (some in barns!). Plus: a few suggestions for pre-Strata reading on big data. read more

Strata Week: Shop 'til you drop

December 16 2010

In this edition of Strata Week: Stack Exchange takes their hardware and software in-house; Neflix explains their adoption of AWS and open source; the New York Times maps out survey and census data; and Infochimps acquires Data Marketplace. read more

Strata Week: Running the numbers

December 09 2010

IA Ventures raises a huge first-time fund; MathJax provides an open source mathematical display engine; Kevin Drum shares 10 statistics pitfalls; and Paul Bradshaw explains how to bring big data down to a human scale. read more

Strata Week: Replaced by robots

December 02 2010

In the latest Strata Week: StatSheet automates short sports articles, BlueCava uniquely identifies devices, ALADDIN implements distributed decision-making, and Needle helps you find just the data you're looking for. read more

Strata Week: Keeping it clean

November 18 2010

Red-R provides a GUI for the powerful statistics of R while Webmine makes HTML handling a breeze in Clojure; the Truthy project looks at suspicious Twitter memes; CouchDB helps provide healthcare in rural Zambia; and Google Refine cleans and sanitizes your datasets with ease. read more

Strata Week: Political lessons from data land

November 04 2010

In the latest Strata Week: Yelp makes MRJob open source; CODATA wants to inventory "threatened data"; a visualization untangles a telecom lawsuit; and analytics and a simple fix nets $12 million for Expedia. read more

Strata Week: Statistically speaking

October 21 2010

In this edition of Strata Week: The London Stock Exchange moves from .Net to open source; learn how graphical scales can lie; the Euroean Central Bank president calls for better financial statistics; and we bid farewell to the father of fractals. read more

Strata Week: Videos and visualization

October 07 2010

Get cozy for fall by watching some videos about visualization. First, check out Geoffrey McGhee's documentary about data viz in journalism. Then get a sneek preview of LinkedIn's Career Explorer tool. Catch up on Julia Grace's Web2.0 Expo keynote, and finally, take a look at the future of user interfaces… read more

Strata Week: Grabbing a slice

September 23 2010

In this edition of Strata Week: The 2,000,000,000,000,000th digit of pi is calculated with an assist from Hadoop and MapReduce; a new technique uses iPads to extrude light paintings across a long exposure shot; Historypin links historical photos to Google Street View shots; and this is the last week for… read more

Strata Week: Predictive policing

September 09 2010

In this week's data roundup: The LAPD gets ahead of crime with "predictive policing" techniques, Mint shares large quantities of consumer financial data, compression technology patents coming up for auction, FlowingMedia releases a vizualization tool for journalists, and Ellen Miller questions the federal government's commitment to data transparency initiatives. read more

The cut-free autopsy

August 25 2010

Postmortem visualization may prove to be a crucial tool in shaping tomorrow’s healthcare. In this excerpt from "Beautiful Visualization," Anders Persson of Linköping University explains how digital imaging allows medical practitioners to conduct virtual autopsies without invasive instruments. read more

Redesigning the New York City subway map

July 27 2010

Sophisticated data acquisition tools give us more geographic data to display than our eyes and minds can easily digest, calling for a careful editing process. In this excerpt from "Beautiful Visualization," Eddie Jabbour explains the trade-offs he made while reinventing one of the most iconic maps in the world. read more

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Strata Rx Online Conference: Personalized Medicine
October 05, 2012
In this free online conference we will discuss how Microsoft Research has developed a new version of the Linear Mixed Model algorithm that is not only computationally inexpensive, but also is better at finding the true signals that account statistically...

Webcast: Designing Data Visualizations
September 06, 2011
This webcast will discuss data visualization. Learn linear processes and best practices so that your message may be transmitted without interference.

"If you have any doubts as to how all the medical data you generate can help you down the road, this will get you thinking in a different direction."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"The layout of Beautiful Visualization makes navigation easy, with the chapter number, title, and page number all in the footer. “Don’t make it pretty, make it communicate a story about the data” is the actuating tag line that Steele and Iliinsky succeed in sharing."
--Beth Lisberg Najberg, STC Technical Communication

"Includes some genuinely good ideas and is an entertaining read"
--David Conrad, I Programmer

"Anyone working on a modern, data-intensive application will get a plethora of great ideas from this beautifully illustrated tome. "
--Craig S. Mullins, Data and Technology Today