Julie Steele

Julie Steele

  • @jsteeleeditor

New York, New York

Areas of Expertise:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Data
  • Visualization
  • SQL
  • CMSs
  • Gov 2.0
Julie Steele is an editor at O'Reilly Media interested in connecting people and ideas. She finds beauty in discovering new ways to understand complex systems, and so enjoys topics related to gathering, storing, analyzing, and visualizing data. She holds a Master's degree in Political Science (International Relations) from Rutgers University.

Julie also works with topics related to the languages Python, PHP and SQL, and is co-founder of a group of non-programmers learning Python. Julie lives in NYC where she eats, reads, codes, and practices yoga.

How Data Science Is Transforming Health Care How Data Science Is Transforming Health Care
by Tim O'Reilly , Mike Loukides , Julie Steele , Colin Hill
August 2012
Ebook: $0.00

Designing Data Visualizations Designing Data Visualizations
by Julie Steele , Noah Iliinsky
September 2011
Print: $19.99
Ebook: $12.99

Beautiful Visualization Beautiful Visualization
by Julie Steele , Noah Iliinsky
June 2010
Print: $59.99
Ebook: $47.99

Data Marketplaces Data Marketplaces
by Moe Khosravy , Peter Marney , Julie Steele , Ian White , Dennis Yang
March 2011

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Recent Posts | All O'Reilly Posts

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"If you have any doubts as to how all the medical data you generate can help you down the road, this will get you thinking in a different direction."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"The layout of Beautiful Visualization makes navigation easy, with the chapter number, title, and page number all in the footer. “Don’t make it pretty, make it communicate a story about the data” is the actuating tag line that Steele and Iliinsky succeed in sharing."
--Beth Lisberg Najberg, STC Technical Communication

"Includes some genuinely good ideas and is an entertaining read"
--David Conrad, I Programmer

"Anyone working on a modern, data-intensive application will get a plethora of great ideas from this beautifully illustrated tome. "
--Craig S. Mullins, Data and Technology Today