Mats Kindahl

Dr. Mats Kindahl is a senior principal software developer working on the MySQL server. He is the main architect and implementor of MySQL's row-based replication and is responsible for strategic development of replication, reengineering, and the plugin architecture. Before starting at MySQL, he did research in formal methods, program analysis, and distributed systems, the area where he earned his doctoral degree in computer science. He has also spent many years developing C/C++ compilers and knows more programming languages than he has fingers.

MySQL High Availability MySQL High Availability
by Charles Bell, Mats Kindahl, Lars Thalmann
Second Edition April 2014
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $42.99

MySQL High Availability MySQL High Availability
by Charles Bell, Mats Kindahl, Lars Thalmann
July 2010

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MySQL Fabric: Musings on Release 1.4.3

May 27 2014

As you might have noticed in the press release, we just released MySQL Utilities 1.4.3, containing MySQL Fabric, as a General Availability (GA) release. This concludes the first chapter of the MySQL Fabric story. It all started with the idea that it should be as easy to manage and setup… read more

MySQL Fabric: Tales and Tails from Percona Live

April 29 2014

Going to Percona Live and presenting MySQL Fabric gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of people and get a lot of good feedback. I talked to developers from many different companies and got a lot of great feedback that will affect the priorities we make, so to all… read more

MySQL Fabric 1.4.2 Released

April 02 2014

As you saw in the press release, MySQL Fabric 1.4.2 is now released! If you're interested in learning more about MySQL Fabric, there is a session April 3, 2014 11:10–12pm titled Sharding and Scale-out using MySQL Fabric in Ballroom G. MySQL Fabric is a relatively new project in the MySQL… read more

"In summary, the book is awesome...I do not want to give away the book, it is a good read and the quality is what you expect from O’Reilly. If you want to know about various replication techniques, replication shortcomings, building fail-over systems, and exploring other technologies that are comparable to replication, this is a great book for you."
--Dathan Vance Pattishall, mySQL DBA

"If you are looking to improve the uptime of your MySQL databases, MySQL High Availability is a must read."
--Craig S. Mullins, Data and Technology Today