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Press Release: November 8, 1999

The Official Documentation for the DocBook DTD Released by O'Reilly--DocBook: The Definitive Guide

SEBASTOPOL, CA--The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), which is responsible for the continued maintenance of the DocBook DTD, has designated O'Reilly's latest release, DocBook: the Definitive Guide, as the official documentation of the DocBook DTD.

DocBook: the Definitive Guide was written by Leonard Muellner and Norman Walsh, who is the creator of the DocBook XML implementation. This important new book is the complete and official documentation of the DocBook Document Type Definition (DTD) and many of its associated tools.

DocBook is a system for writing structured documents using SGML and XML. It provides all the elements you'll need for technical documents of all kinds. A number of computer companies use DocBook for their documentation, as do several Open Source documentation groups, including the Linux Documentation Project (LDP). With the consistent use of DocBook, these groups can readily share and exchange information. With an XML-enabled browser, DocBook documents are as accessible on the Web as in print.

DocBook: the Definitive Guide will be at your local bookstore, and in its entirety, online at the following sites:

In this book, you will find:
  • A brief introduction to SGML and XML

  • A guide to creating documents with the DocBook DTD and associated style sheets

  • Information about using SGML and XML tools like Jade and DSSSL

  • A guide to customizing DocBook

  • A complete SGML and XML reference, including examples, for every DocBook element
In addition, the accompanying CD-ROM contains:
  • The complete source text of this book, in both SGML and HTML

  • All the examples from the book

  • DSSSL style sheets that let you convert DocBook documents to RTF, LaTeX, or HTML

  • The DocBook DTD for SGML, version 3.1

  • The DocBk DTD for XML, version 3.1.5
Online Resources DocBook: The Definitive Guide
By Norman Walsh & Leonard Muellner
ISBN: 1-56592-580-7, 652 pages,
$36.95 (US$), Includes CD-ROM

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