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Press Release: May 24, 2000

O'Reilly Releases New "Nutshell" Book -- VBScript in a Nutshell

Sebastopol, CA--O'Reilly's latest book in the esteemed "In a Nutshell" series, VBScript in a Nutshell, was written to give VBScript developers the in-depth, real-world information that Help files simply can't provide. This new quick reference distills the experiences of professional developers who have created complex VB and VBScript applications--all day, every day, for years--into the concise, no-nonsense Nutshell format.

Whether developing for the Web, automating Windows, or customizing Microsoft Outlook, VBScript in a Nutshell shows how to write clear, efficient VBScript code. Focusing on the core language, the book consists of a VBScript language reference, which contains all VBScript statements, keywords, and objects. This alphabetical language reference provides the following details:

  • The keyword's syntax, using standard code conventions
  • A list of arguments, if any, accepted by the function or procedure
  • Notes and solutions to real-world gotchas, and various undocumented behaviors and aspects of the language that help the reader avoid potential problems
  • A description of the data returned by a function
  • How and where the keyword should be used within the scripting environment
  • Differences between the language element in VBA and VBScript
  • A brief example to illustrate the use of the keyword
  • A cross-reference to other keywords
This focus on VBScript language essentials is supplemented by a wealth of additional information about VBScript, including:
  • Basic language information on VBScript data types, constants, variables, and arrays
  • The difference between VBScript and VBA or JavaScript
  • The use of the MSIE, Active Server, Outlook, and Windows Script Host object models to interface a script with the application it's controlling
  • Tables listing VBScript functions and statements by category
  • The version-specific features of VBScript
Regardless of your level of VBScript experience, this is the book that you'll keep, dog-eared, by your computer--both as your desktop reference to the language and as a tool for troubleshooting programming problems.

Online Resources:

VBScript in a Nutshell
By Paul Lomax, Matt Childs, & Ron Petrusha
May 2000
1-56592-720-6, 486 pages, $24.95

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