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chapter numbers

in print versions of the book, all the chapter numbers are "1" on each chapter's starting page-- that is Chapters 2, 3, 4 etc are all labeled Chapter 1.

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Oct 27, 2015  Oct 30, 2015
Page 130

The figures are the same as the ones in the previous page, and the caption does not explain the figures.

Please post the correct figures!

Note from the Author or Editor:
Eek, yes, this is quite correct. Here's the fix:

On page 129, for the images whose caption reads: "An early sketch (left) for the main screen of Things used a grouped list, but the final version (right) evolved to better group its to-do lists into logical clusters"... For those screenshots, the right image is correct, but the left image should change. The correct image files are already with the production assets. Please correct like so:

Left: ch04-assets/04-things-homesketch.tif
Right: ch04-assets/04-things-homescreen.tif

On the following page 130, for the figure whose caption reads "An early sketch (left) for the task detail screen included icons to differentiate descriptive data for the task, and the final design (right) further distinguished the buttons at screen bottom."... the left image is correct, but the right image needs to change. The correct assets are:

Left: ch04-assets/04-things-detailsketch.tif
Right: ch04-assets/04-things-detailscreen.tif

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