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Printed, PDF, ePub, Mobi,
Page 23

Re: Saving Everyday Documents Into iPhoto: Sadly, the function to import PDFs or other non-photo documents into iPhoto '11 (and the "Save PDF to iPhoto ?" menu item) doesn't seem to exist any longer, at least not in Mac OS X 10.8.x. (Some forum users recommend converting PDFs to JPEG (possibly using Automator) and importing these into iPhoto.)

Note from the Author or Editor:
Rename sidebar as "WORKAROUND WORKSHOP"
Replace sidebar figure with file named "1sb2 save to iphoto NEW.tif"
Most people think of iPhoto as a photo-management program. But thanks to a sneaky command that Apple hid in the Print dialog box of every program, iPhoto could serve as a document-management program, too. This allowed iPhoto to become a convenient, centralized, well-organized database of documents. You could keep drafts or final copies of all your work, ready to be searched, sorted, emailed, printed, cropped, even laid out and custom published as a hardcover book (great for authors, lawyers, real estate agents, and so on).
The key to all the magic was the ?Save PDF to iPhoto? command, though Apple removed it back in Mac OS X Lion (10.7). Happily, a kind soul at the Old Toad website has created a custom script using Automator, Apple's personal automation assistant for performing repetitive or complex tasks, that they're willing to share for free.
Start by visiting and downloading the "Save PDF to iPhoto 300" and the "Save PDF to iPhoto 200" files. Once they're downloaded, double-click the .zip files to expand them and then place the resulting files in the Macintosh HD➝Library➝PDF Services folder (there's no need to restart any programs).
To use these scripts, start in the program where you?ve done the work: a word processor, database, layout program, sheet-music program, web design program, whatever. Choose File➝Print. In the Print dialog box, click the PDF button. From the pop-up menu, choose ?Save PDF to iPhoto? or "Save PDF to iPhoto 300 DPI" (pick the latter for the highest print quality).
In a moment, a funny little dialog box appears, asking which iPhoto album you want this PDF document stored in. Choose an existing album or create a new one, and then click Continue. (To get rid of the original file after it's sucked into iPhoto, turn on the "Delete the Source Images After Importing Them" checkbox.)
Over in iPhoto, you'll find the newly hatched PDF document ready for your inspection. Open it for editing just as you would any photo (see Chapter 2). Now you can page through it using the Previous and Next controls; print or send it using the toolbar controls; edit it like a graphic; apply searchable keywords, description text, or ratings to it; and so on. The only limit is your imagination.

Jochen Schwarze  May 01, 2013 
Page 37
FAQ box at bottom

Text indicates that photos can be sorted manually in Events, but when select View>Sort Photos in an event, the manual selection is dimmed out. Is this an error in the book? Or an error on my part?

Note from the Author or Editor:
Page 37, in the sidebar at the bottom of the page, please change the 2nd graf to read:

No, the command works?but only when viewing all Events or the contents of an album. You can't manually sort the thumbnails in Photos view, while viewing the contents of a single Event or Smart Album. If you create a new photo album (as explained later in this chapter) and manually fill it with photos, you can drag them into any order you want.

Robert J Jakeman  Dec 17, 2012 
Page 88
Workaround Workshop box

The Workaround Workshop box explains a way for you to gather up all of your photos that don't have keywords, and indeed the method you describe does do that. However, I think it might be a good idea to consider adding a few more words explaining that as soon as you add a keyword to a photo in the new "No Keywords" smart album, that photo will disappear from the smart album. Of course lots of times we want to add multiple keywords to a photo, but it seems like that won't work with the strategy you describe in the box.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Page 88, sidebar. Please add to end:
And as soon as you add a keyword, they'll dutifully remove themselves from the Smart Album.

David Perkins  Aug 28, 2011  Jan 13, 2012
Printed, PDF, ePub, Mobi,
Page 90
Tip at top of page

Please delete the tip at the top of page 90

Lesa Snider
Lesa Snider
Oct 02, 2013 
Page 111
After item 4?

There is a facility in iPhoto 11 that does not appear to be mentioned in the manual.

Under the iPhoto 'Window' drop down there is 'Manage My Places' which offers another place that the location pin can be repositioned (other than the map in the info panel places section) plus the option to refine the area covered by the pin.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Page 111, add beneath step 4:
You can also refine and/or delete locations by choosing Window>Manage My Places. This command summons a list of all the places you've tagged in iPhoto?or captured by your GPS-enabled phone or camera?with a handy map that lets you move location pins to and fro, as well as reduce or widen the region of a particular pin using tiny left and right triangles that automatically appear to its right.

Anonymous  May 13, 2011  Jan 13, 2012
Printed, PDF, ePub, Mobi,
Page 179, 297
Slideshows and iDVD

Apple no longer sells iDVD. My new iMac does not have it and the Apple store says that I cannot buy it. How do I make a DVD that will play on a standard DVD player hooked to a television set?

Note from the Author or Editor:
page 179, please add the following note at the bottom of the page, beneath the last sentence:

Note: Apple stopped including iDVD in their iLife '11 software package, as they apparently believe everyone has high-speed Internet access and can therefore share photos via iCloud, they're subscription online service (previously dubbed MobileMe). Currently you have two solutions: find a copy of iDVD on eBay or Amazon and hope it works with your current operating system or use iMovie instead, as the sidebar on page 178 explains. Bummer!

please add the SAME note on page 297 above the first subhead "The iDVD Slideshow"

Timothy Bodine  Mar 19, 2012 
Page 196
2nd paragraph

It says:

"That may be why Apple came up with iPhone '11's ..."

Should be iPhoto ;-)

Note from the Author or Editor:
Page 196, 1st sentence in 2nd graf, please change iPhone to iPhoto

Oliver Stettner  Feb 28, 2013 
Page 318
Paragraph 8

The book refers to a program called Keyword Manager, and cites the website from which it can be downloaded.

I find no site that downloads a program that works with iPhoto '11. Indeed, I see the software developers giving up any attempt to keep Keyword Manager compatible with iPhoto a couple of years ago.

Note from the Author or Editor:
page 318: please delete the "Keyword Manager" bullet point in its entirety.

Larry Dietrich  Sep 27, 2012