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Page 10
on page

On page 10, it mentions people adding half a million documents to try to force a shard-event and failing since it's only 40MB worth of data. Above that section it mentions the standard chunk-size as being 64MB. It then makes the comment "Thatís not even a quarter of a chunk!". Unless I'm reading the section wrong, a quarter of a chunk should be only 16MB. The point regarding the lack of need to transfer shards for the given amount of data stands, of course.

Kristina Chodorow
Kristina Chodorow
Jan 19, 2012 
Other Digital Version
18, various
All over

You refer to the default chunk size of 200MB in your book. In your talk you state that it was recently lowered to 64MB.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Yes, thanks. That was a particularly annoying change I found out about four days after turning it in.

Justin Dearing  Feb 04, 2011