Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET

Errata for Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET

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Page xv

Name of the author of forward is misspelled. It should be Henrik, not Henrick

Darrel Miller
Apr 04, 2014 
PDF, Mobi
Page 4
Last line of note "Is a Resource Bound to an Entity or a Database?"

The last sentence in this note reads, "It will help you to really harness the power of the Web within you systems." The second to last word should be "your".

Bernard Chen  Apr 22, 2014 
Page 48
Getting Started with ASP.NET Web API section

ASP.NET Web API version 1.x is used for this sample (and likely the rest of the book). ASP.NET Web API version 2.0 has already been released with Visual Studio 2013 and the various ASP.NET project types have been merged into a single project type.

Please consider using ASP.NET Web API version 2.0 to give the book longevity and provide early documentation for the new features.

Note from the Author or Editor:
This was correct - I recently updated the sample to use the default Web API 2 templates.

Sixto  Jan 07, 2014 
Page 140
Top of the page

Reported by Sidney Leake (@alm0stk00l via twitter)

The descriptions for "open' and "close" are backwards

Should be:

Requests that the issue status be changed to Open

Requests that the issue status be changed to Closed

Glenn Block
Sep 21, 2014