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Page 21
Paragraph labelled "Parts"

Pictorial/schematic on Pg 22 shows a resistor connected between the base of the transistor and the + voltage source. The resistor is not mentioned in the parts list; the list mentions only the 470 ohm resistor.

Note from the Author or Editor:
The parts list should read "two 470 Ω resistors"

Anonymous  Aug 31, 2014  Jul 27, 2016
Page 22

The breadborad shows two resistors, however on the parts list there is only one, a 470 ohm. In addition the resistors are different in color (on diagram) and one (green) is also on page 20 on the breadboard. No mention of two resistors on page 21, the parts list.

Two resistors on breadboard on page 22. On page 25 & 27 a resistor (greenish on diagram) what may be the 10K ohms resistor for the Firefly project started on page 17? It's not until page 26 that another resistor is listed, 10k.

Anyway, I found this very confusing and took more time than I think needed to.

Thank you,

Note from the Author or Editor:
The parts list should state "two 470 Ω resistors"

Anibal Rodriguez  Dec 28, 2015  Jul 27, 2016