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Page 10

Missing Manual Errata - iPad 7th edition

It is my understanding that only iPads with the Cellular option have GPS capability. This is different from iPhones which all have GPS capability. (I understand it's because the GPS exists only on the cellular chipset, but I'm not 100% sure of this).

The iPad Missing Manual implies all iPads have GPS.
On page 10-11, in the section entitled The iPad Defined, paragraph 6 states the iPad is “tricked out with a tilt sensor, a proximity sensor, a light sensor, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a gyroscope, and that amazing multitouch screen.”

I think this is somewhat misleading, perhaps you should make it clear that not all iPads have GPS?

Once again, thanks for writing this great manual.

Joe Mooney

Note from the Author or Editor:
fixed in 3rd Printing, 2/2715

Joe Mooney  Dec 21, 2014  Feb 27, 2015
Page 15
Under "Swipe up from the bottom edge" flashlight is listed. There is no flashlight in iPad

Referring to page 37 (control Center) there are no options to select
"flashlight" in iPad, compared to iPhone, as mentioned on page 15

Note from the Author or Editor:
fixed in 3rd Printing, 2/2715

Anonymous  Dec 30, 2014  Feb 27, 2015
Page 17
last paragraph

“They’ve fixed Siri. Siri’s speech recognition is much more accurate, especially if you have an accent. You see the words appear as you’re speaking them now. And there’s a new, hands-free, “always listening” mode for Siri whenever the phone is charging (for example, in the car). Even if it’s asleep, you can say, “Hey, Siri” to make it listen to a spoken command.”"

Since this is the iPad Missing Manual, should it not say "whenever the iPad is charging" rather than "phone"?

Joe Mooney

p.s. I really enjoy your books Mr. Pogue, and held of buying the iPad Misssing Manual until I saw that you were the author. Thanks for taking on the task of writing this manual.

Joe Mooney  Dec 05, 2014  Dec 19, 2014