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Printed, PDF
Page 2
2nd bullet-point - "Science creates and improves products"

The 2nd bullet-point "Science creates and improves products" finishes with the following sentence:
"For infosec decision-makers, the scientifc method can make product evaluations defensible and efficient."

The word "scientifc" is missing an 'i' character, it should "scientific"

The error is also visible in the sampler at

Angus Smithson  Jan 24, 2016  Mar 18, 2016
Page 57
Just before final paragraph

The book states:
The false negative rate is here:
(True Negatives) / (True Positives + True Negatives)

I don't believe this formula is correct, it should be:
(False Negatives) / (True Positives + False Negatives)
1 - (True Positive Rate)

Given some example data:
TP: 100
TN: 15
FP: 25
FN: 5

Book equation:
TN / (TP + TN)
15 / (100 + 15)

Correct equation #1:
FN / (TP + FN)
5 / (100 + 5)

Correct equation #2:
1 - TPR
1 - (TP / (TP + FN))
1 - (100 / (100 + 5))
1 - 0.952380952

Note from the Author or Editor:
The formula for false negative rate should be:
(False Negatives) / (True Positives + False Negatives)

angusws  Feb 15, 2016  Mar 18, 2016