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Page copyright page
top of copyright page

Jakob Schneider's name needs to be added to the copyright holder list. Currently says:

Copyright 2018 Marc Stickdorn, Markus Hormess, Adam Lawrence.

Should say:

Copyright 2018 Marc Stickdorn, Markus Hormess, Adam Lawrence, Jakob Schneider.

Melanie Yarbrough  Aug 20, 2018  Nov 16, 2018
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Page 306-324
Intro text on 306, TOC on 307, and chapter numbering on the following pages until 324

In the main table of contents, the chapter cases should be 8.6. However, in the chapter itself, it is stated as 8.7 instead of the correct 8.6. Please change all 8.7 into 8.6 in the chapter intro text on page 306, in the chapter TOC on page 307, as well as all chapter numbering on the following pages from 308 until 324. Many thanks!

Marc   Stickdorn
Marc Stickdorn
Jan 13, 2018  Jan 26, 2018
Page 466

Page 466
Proficiency instead of profiency

Pages 466 to 468

The footnotes do not appear in correct order.
03 and 05 appear first
And on the next pages, 01 and 02

O'Reilly Media
Oct 14, 2019  Dec 20, 2019