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Page 12
Principle: outcomes, not output

"Although it’s easier to manage to the launch of specific feature sets..."

Although "manage to" is technically viable phrasing, reading two tos so close together caused me to slow down and do a double take, which pulled me out of context cognitively for a minute.

Perhaps "easier managing to the launch" or just "easier to manage the launch"

Scott Showalter  Oct 01, 2016  Nov 18, 2016
PDF, Other Digital Version
Page 135
Last paragraph

"Cross-team dependencies can keep progress to a crawl."

Should this be:
"Cross-team dependencies can slow progress to a crawl." or "Cross-team dependencies can keep progress at a crawl."?

Scott Showalter  Oct 01, 2016  Nov 18, 2016
Page 137
2nd paragraph

"The world has changed: our organizations must change with them."

Should "them" be "it"?

Scott Showalter  Oct 01, 2016  Nov 18, 2016
Page 138
Changing Culture

The items under "Changing Culture" aren't all of the same form. some verbs have 'ing' while a couple do not. It seems best to keep them without the 'ing' for clarity, but perhaps none of the items should have 'ing'... make them all calls to action by dropping 'ing' from the verbs?

Scott Showalter  Oct 01, 2016  Nov 18, 2016