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Chapter 24, Continuous Integration chapter

I think the CI chapter (Chapter 24) needs to follow Chapter 9 in specifying an installation of Python 3.6 to the CI server. Otherwise, the f-string syntax doesn't work.

Note from the Author or Editor:
confirmed. will update for next minor release, probably need to add the deadsnakes ppa to the instructions (as in pre-reqs chapter)

Anonymous  Nov 29, 2017  Mar 02, 2018
Other Digital Version
"Starting a Git Repository" section (chapter_01.html)


"So superlists/ means the inside the second-level superlists."

There's no first-level superlists that I can see. Could this be a remnant from the first edition of the book?


Note from the Author or Editor:
Hi there, thanks, this has been fixed in the latest minor release.

Anonymous  Mar 22, 2018 
Django’s MVC, URLs, and View Functions

It looks like
from django.core.urlresolvers import resolve

has been replaced as of Django 1.10 with
from django.urls import resolve

The version in the book will still work until 2.0, but might be worth a fix.


Joshua Hunter  Mar 24, 2017  Aug 02, 2017
Page 21
Warning, 2nd paragraph

Words probably missing in: "...from all the bits whre the following instructions and copy-pasting goes smoothly."

Anonymous  Feb 21, 2018  Mar 02, 2018