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Chapter one towards bottom

Right before the section Introduction to Multithreaded Programming there is a link for “Guide to Implementing Custom TPL Dataflow Blocks”. This link: which resolves to results in, "403 Forbidden" nginx

NOTE: I can't give you the page number because I'm reading the digital version and there are no page numbers (sadly).

Note from the Author or Editor:
Please change the resolution for the link from to

Rich Ward  Nov 05, 2020 
Printed, PDF, ePub, Mobi, , Other Digital Version
Page 12
First code block

In the interface IObservable, the line:

IDisposable Subscribe(IObserver<TResult> observer);

should be:

IDisposable Subscribe(IObserver<T> observer);

I.e., the "TResult" should just be "T".

Stephen Cleary
Sep 13, 2020 
Printed, PDF
Page 179
1st paragraph

Field name is wrong in the paragraph. The code contains 'private int value' but in the paragraph it is referred as 'data' or 'data.Value'.

Note from the Author or Editor:
The `data` and `data.Value` text in the paragraph should be changed to `value`.

cactuaroid  Dec 07, 2019