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Chapter 10
Testing Diamond at the end of paragraph

The testing diamond focuses the most on integration tests. When the active record pattern is used, the system’s business logic is, by definition, spread across both the service and business logic layers. Therefore, to focus on integrating the two layers, the testing PYRAMID is the more effective choice.

pyramid should be diamond

Mustafa Daşgın  Jun 16, 2022 
Page various

P40 Figure 3-7. Change "Ad campaigns" to "Contracts" at the bottom.

P47 Exercise 3.,"The smaller the bounded context is, the more flexible the system is." Should be option A, and the rest should be changed to B, C, D in sequence.

P68 In "WHERE...visits = @prm2", "prm2" should change to "p2"

P165 "Therefore, to focus on integrating the two layers, the testing pyramid is the more effective choice." should revise to "Therefore, to focus on integrating the two layers, the testing diamond is the more effective choice."

P176 Table 11-1. Column 1 "lead-in" should change to "lead-id"

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Jun 28, 2022