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Page search "Mainframe disk drivers are definitely fast."

While the statement "Mainframe disk drivers are definitely fast" is undoubtedly true, you haven't introduced the concept of "drivers" (as in low level software) at this point, only "drives", which may cause confusion to some. At least it caused some to me. Recommend change to "Mainframe disk drives are definitely fast."

Al Zimmerman  Apr 18, 2022  Feb 16, 2024
Page 54
3rd, 4th & 5th paragraph

Paragraphs 3 & 4 say to go to the JOBS section to find the corresponding JCL file. However, in VSCode 1.85, the .JCL files are not in the JOBS section, they are in a <USERID>.JCL folder in the DATA SETS section. So you expand this folder and scroll down to find HELLO inside of it and then right click on HELLO and choose Submit Job. Figure 3-18 shows this even though the verbiage in paragraphs 3 & 4 are incorrect.

Paragraph 5 says that you will need to select your profile again after clicking the + icon in the JOBS section. This is not what I experienced with VSCode 1.85. In fact, I did not get a drop down letting me select my mainframe profile again as the book states and when I mistakenly tried to add a profile to JOBS, I received an error telling me that I can't add a duplicate profile. Instead, I had to search in JOBS for my user ID the way I did in the DATA SETS section as described in page 53 paragraph 4.

Note from the Author or Editor:
This is correct -- Thanks!

Russell Martin  Jan 05, 2024  Feb 16, 2024
Page 88
Last sentence

The conclusion of chapter 4 ends with the sentence "In the next chapter, we'll look at setting up tables and creating reports", but the next chapter is about File handling. Tables and reports are the topic of chapter 6.

Note from the Author or Editor:
That's correct - thanks!

Anonymous  Nov 18, 2022  Feb 16, 2024
Page 151
Last line of example code.

Text and cose do not say the same thing, I ayaowxt the SAY line needs a plus sign, not a comma.

SAY (first_number,second_number)
We use /* and */ for comments, and REXX needs to be specified. This is to indicate
to z/OS that we are using the language.
The PULL command accepts user input, and we do this twice. Then we add the two
inputs up using ADD and print out the result using SAY.

Note from the Author or Editor:
That's correct - thanks!

richard burrows  Dec 29, 2022  Feb 16, 2024