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Page Preface x
"What You Will Learn", 3rd paragraph

Remove "—for example, the API primitive Ingress—". The book actually covers the topic.

Benjamin Muschko  Aug 29, 2022 
Page Connectivity Between Pods
Figure 5-2. Pod-to-Pod communication

The IP of the POD2 is the same as the ip of the POD1 which is incorrect

Note from the Author or Editor:
Thanks, you are correct. This should have been for Pod 1, and for Pod 2.

Víctor Sandín  Aug 30, 2022 
Page 2
Paragraph Backing Up etcd

I'm using Safari online (no page info). The error is in chapter 2. Cluster Architecture, Installation, and Configuration, section Paragraph Backing Up etcd in an explanation of etcd config

Following error might mislead people preparing for the exam. I added --> to mark the exact line

$ kubectl describe pod etcd-kube-control-plane -n kube-system
--listen-client-urls=/etc/kubernetes/pki/etcd/server.key ---> this should contain url, not path to the server key i.e. --listen-client-urls=here should go URL i.e. localhost and port

Note from the Author or Editor:
Thanks for reporting this issue. This must have been a copy-paste mistake on my part.

In the output, the argument and assigned value could look as follows:


Generally speaking, I would just remove all references to the "--listen-client-urls" argument (from text and console output) as it is not necessarily required for backing up and restoring etcd.

Czary  Oct 20, 2022