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Page 139
The example that starts on this page and continues through page 143 is

missing a step, resulting in the example not compiling. To add the step, go to page 142, second paragraph from bottom, which starts, "To change the form's caption..." Immediately prior to this paragraph, insert the following: Recall that the Visual Studio .NET compiler automatically generates a Main method in the class that defines your form. The project's Property Pages dialog box has a setting that specifies which class should contain the Main method. Because you have changed the name of the class that implements your form, you must also change the corresponding setting on the project's Property Pages dialog box so that it matches the class name. Here's how: 1. In the Solution Explorer Window, right-click on the project node (not the solution node) in the tree, and then choose Properties from the popup menu. The project's Property Pages dialog box appears. 2. Find the drop down list labeled, "Startup Object", and select "HelloWindows" from this list. 3. Click the OK button.