Hardening Cisco Routers

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Version Location Description Submitted By Date Submitted Date Corrected
Page 47
IN PRINT: 2nd and 3rd bullet at bottom

RADUIS NOW READS: RADIUS Page 67 - The fourth bullet, 2nd command. Previously it left out the service keyword. NOW READS: "no service udp-small-servers" Page 146 - Bullet 15 NOW READS: Show current interface ip configuration (show ip interface). - The following bullet point HAS BEEN ADDED, after 15: Show current interface configuration (show interfaces). - Bullet 19 (previosuly numbered as 18) NOW READS: Show NAT translations (show ip nat translations verbose). - End of Bullet 17 (previously numbered as 16) NOW READS: (show tcp brief all)

Anonymous    Oct 01, 2003