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Page 1
IN PRINT: fourth paragraph

"...a good starting pointing..."

"...a good starting point..."

Anonymous    Mar 01, 2005
Page 119
f.putbinaryfile, f.puttextfile

f.putbinaryfile(remote, local[, blocksize=4096[, callback]])
f.putbinaryfile(remote, local[, blocksize=4096]) {|data|...}
f.puttextfile(remote, local[, callback])
f.puttextfile(remote, local) {|data|...}

f.putbinaryfile(local, remote[, blocksize=4096[, callback]])
f.putbinaryfile(local, remote[, blocksize=4096]) {|data|...}
f.puttextfile(local, remote[, callback])
f.puttextfile(local, remote) {|data|...}

Anonymous    Mar 01, 2005
Page 173
code to enter into ".emacs" under 9780596002145-mode for Emacs NOW READS

(autoload '9780596002145-mode "ruby-mode"
"Mode for editing 9780596002145 source files" t)
(setq auto-mode-alist
(append '(("\.rb$" . 9780596002145-mode)) auto-mode-alist))
(setq interpreter-mode-alist (append '(("9780596002145" . ruby-mode))

Anonymous    Sep 01, 2005