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Page 154
step number 1

The x-ref in the step, which currently says "page 32" should say "page 33"

Page 165

As of August 19, 2005, all eBay sellers who accept PayPal must accept all forms of
PayPal payment: bank transfers, PayPal account balance transfers, and credit cards.
Sellers are no longer allowed to specify that they do not accept a particular kind of
payment through PayPal. So even if you remove the credit card logo from your listing,
if you accept PayPal, you accept credit cards. According to the new policy, sellers
who accept PayPal payments but refuse to accept credit cards through PayPal after the
auction are considered nonperforming sellers.

Page 175
2nd paragraph from bottom: "Lower your reserve price"

As of August, 2005, eBay lets sellers lower the reserve price in auctions that have
received one or more bids. Previously, in most auctions a seller could not change the
reserve price after someone bid on an auction (exceptions to this policy were eBay
Motors and the eBay UK site). According to the new policy, sellers can lower the
reserve price on any auction that still has 12 or more hours left to run.

You can't, however, lower the reserve price to "force" the high bidder to win the
auction. If your new reserve price is lower than the high bidder's current proxy bid,
eBay also lowers the proxy bid--to one bid increment below the new reserve. The high
bidder has to bid again to meet the reserve and win the auction (or, depending on who
else is interested, the bidding might continue beyond the new reserve).

Page 410
Bulleted list at bottom of page

eBay University has added a third course to its offerings: eBay for Business. This
course is for sellers who run their business on eBay (or plan to), as opposed to
hobbyists or occasional sellers clearing some junk out of the garage. Topics include
tax issues, finding and managing inventory, and marketing strategies.