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Chapter 10
Storage Engines - Table

Locking is wrongly spelled as - Lacking

Note from the Author or Editor:
Yes, it should say "Locking".

Anonymous  Nov 10, 2008 
Page index
The entry for "binary log" should not point to p. 113. It should point to the following pages


Page 20
Item #1 in numbered list, and following

The free version of bitkeeper has changed since this was written.

The download is now

Instead of the "sfioball" and "update" programs, the free version of bitkeeper now installs a single command, "bkf" that supports just a few of the standard bitkeeper subcommands:
bkf clone
bkf parent
bkf pull
bkf changes

Note from the Author or Editor:
Bitkeeper is no longer used for MySQL version control. The version control system has been switched to Bazaar. It appears that Oracle public repositories are out of sync with their actual development and public releases. Percona stepped in and is trying to keep the revision history in their repositories at


Page 30
Item 8, second paragraph

$ ../client/mysql -uroot -host= -port=9306 test

should instead be:

$ ../client/mysql -uroot --host= --port=9306 test

If you use the - instead of -- it'll interpret the -h in -host to mean host and you'll end up with this:

ERROR 2005 (HY000): Unknown MySQL server host 'ost=' (1)

Note from the Author or Editor:
Yes, this is correct. All options that have more than one letter in them require two dashes, not quite.

Anonymous  Apr 11, 2010 
Page 212
first paragraph, line 4

"is such a way", should be "in such a way".