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Page copyright

Add credit to copyright page:
Brain image on spine: Eric Freeman

O'Reilly Media
Apr 10, 2018 
Page 5
Answer to 3rd question under 'there are no Dumb Questions'

"And that' what Ajax is all about." should be
"And that's what Ajax is all about."

Anonymous  Dec 05, 2008 
Page 19
First paragraph

The paragraph states that file should be saved, but doesn't indicate that the reader needs to also create a folder called "scripts" within ch01 folder and save the thumbnails.js file there. (reference back to p.14 where the script code indicates the file source as:
<script src="scripts/thumbnails.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Note from the Author or Editor:
Add annotation that says "Save thumbnails.js in a new folder called ?scripts" within the chapter01 folder."

Anonymous  Nov 09, 2008 
Page 86
First paragraph of Test Drive

"...and mpovies.css, ..." should be
"...and movies.css, ..."

Anonymous  Dec 05, 2008 
Page 109
code magnet

The code magnet that says
if (currentImage.classname = tab)

should use "==" rather than "="

This error also occurs on page 110

Anonymous  Dec 14, 2008 
Page 110
middle of the page

You have:
if (currentImage.className = "tab") {

When you, obviously, meant to have:
if (currentImage.className == "tab") {

Anonymous  Oct 08, 2008 
Page 132

The top left button image shows advanced, when it should be beginner. The text is describing how when you mouse over an image it should change to a different image, and goes through beginner, intermediate, and advanced showing this transition on the printed page but that first image is incorrect. The text below it is correct though.

Anonymous  Sep 27, 2008 
Page 141
both diagrams

1) Upper diagram: image representing XHTML file got accidentally two id's, the second one should be "title" instead.

2) Low diagram: upper textual comment: "hideImage" should be "showHint".

Anonymous  Dec 26, 2008 
Page 158, 203
2nd heading

On page 158, the sentence states: "So you get the same behaviour as DOM level 1.". This should be DOM level 0.

Page 203
The picture for the registry button is not showing.

Anonymous  Nov 09, 2008 
Page 167
3rd bullet point down

The 3rd bullet point says "Use getObject() instead of this" but it should say "Use getActivatedObject() instead of this". Regards, Rob

Anonymous  Sep 28, 2008 
Page 169
half way down in note on right

In the note to the right of the showTab function, it says "It's common to call the object returned from getObject() "me"" but it should say "getActivatedObject()" instead of "getObject()". Regards, Rob.

ps. This is probably the 6th errata submission I have made, if I am wasting my time please do let me know - I will not take offense.

Anonymous  Sep 28, 2008 
Page 221, 222
2nd comment on the right

On page 221, 2nd comment on the right, it states: "We've chosen 40 milliseconds", but the code shows 50.

On page 222, about multithreading, it states that: "Some programming languages, like C# and Javascript..". This should probably be Java instead of javascript.

Anonymous  Nov 09, 2008 
Page 262

Is the diagram on page 262 correct?

It shows the td's as the first children of the table, and the tr's as the first children of the td's.

Isn't that backwards?

Note from the Author or Editor:
Switch td's and tr's

Anonymous  Nov 16, 2008 
Page 292
'Sharpen your pencil' Solution

frequencyTable has only 99 elements. There is a missing "y"
in the array initialization (the 'fax' on page 291 has "y"
appearing 2 times out of 100).

Anonymous  Dec 05, 2008 
Page 322
Long Exercise Solution

"How close if your solution..." should be
"How close is your solution..."

Anonymous  Dec 05, 2008 
Page 375, 376
Clue for 2nd XML Acrostic

"We addded a <br>..." should be
"We added a <br>..."

Anonymous  Dec 05, 2008 
Page 435
Last sentence of first paragraph of Test Drive

"What happpens?" should be
"What happens?"

Anonymous  Dec 05, 2008