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PDF Page 175
Section 5.

I realize that I'm using an updated version of media, but since it looks as though this will be the new way of doing it,
Assigning a style has changed. in the version of media 7.x-2.0.
You now assign the style by admin>structure>file-types
click on "manage file display" next to the file type, in our case "images"
then click on "Full Content" link - upper right.
then under image styles, select your style here, in the case of the book, "Large"
Now to get back on track in the book, in step 5, select "content" instead of large.

Not sure if this is the best way, but it worked for the sake of this book.


Chris Green  Feb 25, 2014 
Printed Page 197
Final paragraph

In the final paragraph of page 197 in Using Drupal Second Edition (print), regarding rating and voting modules,

it does say:

A full list is available at

That link is broken. Another concrete link may break in the future. So, maybe it could say it in a more abstract way:

A full list can be found by visiting and searching with the `Module categories` set to `evaluation/rating`.

Anonymous  Jun 15, 2015 
Printed Page 205
United States

In addition to signing up for access keys in "Step 3" a user will need to head to and log in there to activate the advertising API which will allow their access keys to be work correctly. Otherwise, errors can occur in proceeding to "Step 4".

Adam DT  Jul 14, 2014 
Printed Page 235
United States

Table 6-3 should contain an additional column for "administrator" with all the node permissions indicated as "Checked". If the administrator permissions are not fixed, this can cause disagreement between the chapter hands-on activities and the text later on as certain options do not appear as expected and indicated by the author.

Adam DT  Jul 14, 2014 
Printed Page 302
The bottom of the list of permissions

The list of permissions is missing a moderation flow from "Needs Staff Review" to "Published." It seems it should be checked for both editor and administrator.

Elliot Voris  Oct 21, 2013 
Printed Page 311
Beginning of last paragraph

In the first sentence of the final paragraph on page 311 of the print edition of Using Drupal 2nd Edition (2012) the line:

When you visit the interface translation page at "Administer -> Site building -> Translate interface" (admin/build/translate), you ...

Seems incorrect. Perhaps it refers to Drupal version 6 and not version 7.

Could it be more accurate to say:

When you visit the interface translation page at "Administer -> Configuration -> Regional and language -> Translate interface" (admin/config/regional/translate), you ...

Anonymous  Jun 24, 2015 
Printed Page 356
3rd paragraph from the top

On page 356 in Chapter 9 of the printed 2nd edtion of Using Drupal, under the section "Product and Product UI", the author mentions a field for 'Product SKU'.

SKU is an acronym from the niche domain of 'retail' (not computer science). Therefore it would be nice to see an explanation of that acronym to help the reader remember it better.

Change on page 356:

"Product SKU"


"Product SKU (a Stock Keeping Unit)"

If that is not possible, it would be nice to see the acronym elaborated on page 358 under the "Product SKU" section.

Anonymous  Jun 28, 2015 
Printed Page 365
Final paragraph

In the final paragraph on page 365 of the printed version of Using Drupal 2nd Edition (2012), an Url is misspelled.

This line:

...For example, the "Feeds YouTube parser" module ( provides...

Should be changed to:

...For example, the "Feeds YouTube parser" module ( provides...

Anonymous  Jun 28, 2015 
Printed Page 381
Table 9-16 (Under Content:Path)

There is a mistake in the configuration of the Catalog view as described in Table 9-16 on page 381 of Using Drupal (printed) 2nd Edition.

The Field:Image outputs the field as a link and uses the Content:Path to make that link.

These links may work when Drupal is installed in the webroot directory on a web server. However, the links did not work when I had the Using Drupal Chaper 9 code installed in a subdirectory of my web server.

When Drupal is installed in some subdirectories on my virtual machine (ubundesk2.vm) the link appears like so:


when I would expect it to be:


To fix this, I borrowed a solution from an answer to the Views Issue that highlights this 'bug'. See:

So, to ensure the book is offering a working solution, I would suggest adding an extra configuration step.

Add to the settings for Content:Path in table 9-16 on page 381:


...other settings...
Rewrite Results-> Use absolute link (begins with "http://"):Checked


John Walker  Jun 29, 2015 
Printed Page 393
First paragraph

In final sentence of the first paragraph on page 393 of the printed version of Using Drupal 2nd Edition (2012), the author tells us that Ubercart's payment methods are Rules-enable. This may well be true, but is irrelevant in that context because we are currently focusing on Drupal Commerce.

This line:

Just as we saw with Taxes, Ubercart payment methods are Rules-enabled...

Could be changed to:

Just as we saw with Taxes, Drupal Commerce payment methods are Rules-enabled...

John Walker  Jun 30, 2015 
Other Digital Version 424
Table 9-16

Values for "Content: Path" do not mention checking "Use absolute link", without which the link on "Field: Image" will not be correct.

Art  May 28, 2012 
Other Digital Version 3747
point 1.

I am using kindle the Location of the issue is 3747

1. To configure the display settings for the image file type, go to Configuration → Media → File Types (admin/config/ media/file-types). This screen looks very similar to the ?Content types? screen you?re already familiar with.

There is no File Types under Configuration → Media
what I show is


File system
Tell Drupal where to store uploaded files and how they are accessed.

File settings
Configure allowed file extensions, default alt and title sources, and the file upload wizard.

Image styles
Configure styles that can be used for resizing or adjusting images on display.

Media browser settings
Configure the behavior and display of the media browser.

Media WYSIWYG View Mode
Configure view mode settings for files embedded into and displayed inside of the
WYSIWYG editor.

Image toolkit
Choose which image toolkit to use if you have installed optional toolkits.

This is ridiculous. I have reinstalled this chapter 4 times, tried various things. This last time I reinstalled using only the source code that was provided with no updates. I have requested help and nothing. I literally have spent full days trying to get this to work.


Dan Flavin  May 21, 2014